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Exit Intent popups

Reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments by up to 70% with suitable and personalised exit intent popups.

The exit intent software from uptain recognizes the reasons for cart abandonment and supports undecided visitors shortly before they leave - even on mobile devices.

Increase conversion rate & increase sales without any annoyance factor.

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Your benefits

With uptain you can use the traffic on your website from the first minute to perform better.

Increase conversion by 70%

Increase your conversion rate easily by recovering 30% of your shopping abandoners.

More satisfied customers

Achieve particularly high response rates and long-term customer loyalty with our individually customized and service-oriented customer communication.

10% more sales

Increase your revenue sustainably with our solutions by up to 10%.

"With uptain, we've been able to turn over 30% of cart abandoners into customers. A simple and personal way to attract and retain customers loyalty to the brand. "

„With uptain, we’ve been able to improve our conversion rate by 21% and cutting advertising costs by 15%.“


“Through the use of exit intent and shopping cart cancel emails, we win back an average of approx. 31% of abandoned buyers. This creates a significant increase in sales for us. "

"Thanks to the plugin, the solution was live in a few minutes. Since then, the intelligent control of the messages has led to more satisfied customers and a higher conversion rate. "


Exit intent functionality

uptain uses real-time data processing to react quickly and effectively to shopping cart abandonments.

Exit Intent Software auf Desktop

The visitor gets to your website and browses for a while.

Datenbasierte Exit Intent Technologie auf Desktop

At the same time, the uptain® ALGORITHM processes numerous data to identify potential problems.

Software spielt ein Exit Intent Popups auf dem Desktop aus

Shortly before leaving the website, an exit intent pop-up appears that addresses the shopping cart abandonment reason and supports the visitor in the further purchasing process.

Exit intent function on mobile devices

The individual and suitable exit intent popups also transform mobile visitors into paying customers - in accordance with Google guidelines.

Mobile Exit Intent Popups mit Gutscheinen und Rabattcodes
Mobile Exit Intent Popups mit Service-Nachrichten
Mobile Exit Intent Software mit Gutscheincode
Mobile Exit Intent Software mit Service-Nachricht
Mobile Exit Intent Software mit Warenkorb speichern

E-commerce performance technology

With uptain, online merchants can reduce shopping cancellations, convert interested visitors into newsletter subscribers, sustainably increase sales in the online shop and much more ...

Reduce page and shopping cart abandonments

  • Reduce abandonments on any page and in the shopping cart
  • Limit the function of uptain to individual pages
  • The uptain® ALGORITHM automatically optimizes communication for your online shop.

Increase shopping cart

  • Increase your average shopping cart value
  • Link the function effortlessly to a minimum order value
  • We only play out a voucher for price-sensitive abandoners

Differentiate customer groups

  • Restrict the function depending on the customer group
  • Individual communication for new customers, existing customers, dealers and employees

Generate customers

Individual designs

Alignment with SEO and SEA campaigns

  • uptain supports your SEO and SEA campaigns with individual communication
  • The uptain® ALGORITHM also supports your advertising campaigns

Grow email list

  • Build your email list effortlessly, automatically and intelligently
  • The uptain® ALGORITHM recognizes the interest of a user who is not ready to buy
  • We generate the DOI and push the contact into your email marketing tool

Link social media accounts

  • Offer your WhatsApp and / or Messenger chat to users in need of service
  • Particularly popular on mobile devices
  • Reference your social media presence


Link customer chats

  • Offer your chat to users in need of service
  • Let your chatbot respond to customer questions

Product category performance

  • Limit the function of uptain to categories
  • Reach price-sensitive customers on the offer and sales pages
  • Identify customers in need of service on the product and contact pages

Custom templates

  • Do you have your own ideas? - Implement directly with your contact person
  • Create limited-time offers, inform about promotions, show the nearest branches in the vicinity or link your loyalty program

The uptain® ALGORITHM

Segment visitors intelligently. Better understand shopping cart abandoners.

Algorithmus analysiert Online Shop Besucher in Echtzeit und spielt situativ-passende Exit Intents je nach Kaufabbruch aus.

Optimize the recovery of cart abandoners based on smart computing, big data benchmarks, and automated A / B testing. More…

Strengthen customer experience

Strengthen the customer experience with the appropriate exit intents and help your customers buy.

When do exit intents appear?

The problem of each shopping abandonment is analyzed in real time and the software plays out situationally appropriate Exit Intents shortly before leaving the shopping cart to help your customers complete their purchase - either with a small voucher or with a service message.


Can exit intent popups be personalized?

A distinction is made between individual vouchers and telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail service depending on the situational reason for the abandonment and characteristics of the website visitors. Integrated AB testing enables continuous Exit intent optimization.

Can the design of Exit Intent Popups be customized?

The Exit Intent popups adapt easily to your website in terms of color, font and type of communication.

Exit intent popups are played out on mobile devices?

Mobile shopping is an important topic for both B2B and B2C. Exit Intent popups are also compatible with mobile devices and thus reach a larger number of shop visitors and reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments. 

Do exit intents work across devices?

Our technologies take the customer journey into account across the various devices of your end customers - including new and existing customers.

Do exit intent popups work on all operating systems?

Exit Intent popups work on all operating systems and browsers.

How can Exit Intents reduce shopping abandonments?

We recognize that the visitor is about to leave the page and there for a situational appropriate activation popup. If the customer does not interact with the popup or simply cancel it, we could not prevent the abandonment.
However, if the customer responds positively, by calling the displayed telephone number, we would like to ask that as soon as possible. Our experience shows that all service requests can not always be answered directly.
All details will be in the login area with the necessary details such as time, shopping cart value, order number etc. and can be checked accordingly.

Shopping Cart Abandonment - the Unattended Potential



Case Study

Humans Vs. Machines


Cart abandonment - onsite



  • Fair pricing: You decide which pricing model suits you - success-based or monthly flat-fee.
  • Fast integration: Even people without programming skills can do the integration quickly and easily in just 30 minutes.
  • Experience successes live: With our individual live dashboard you always have a transparent overview of the recovery of your customers (eg number, revenue, countries, language etc.).

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