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Integration Manual

This manual show how to integrate uptain with Adobe Tag Management.


Add a new variable

Log into your Adobe Tag Management backend and select those pages you want to enable uptain in. Then select Add a Tag to continue with the integration.



Your uptain-ID

Please insert the uptain snippet with your individual uptain ID into the footer of your shop template so that the loading speed is not impaired in any way.

It is important that the footer and thus the uptain snippet are loaded on all pages of your shop so that inconsistent data transmission does not occur.

The 16-digit uptain ID replaces the "X". You can obtain the uptain ID from your contact at uptain.
Register here for your uptain ID


Insertion of the DIV-Tag

Please integrate this code in the same place as the uptain snippet.

At the place of the values in polished brackets like e.g. {{shopping cart value}} insert please the appropriate variable from your Shop. The name of the variable in your shop can be found in the corresponding documentation.

Optional Parameters
You can transfer additional parameters to uptain.
Privacy Text
Here you can find our exemplary privacy text.
Google Analytics
Here you can find our Manual for creating Custom Events in Google Analytics.
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