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Integration Manual

This manual show how to integrate uptain with Google Tag Manager.


Your uptain ID

Integrate the code as a custom HTML tag using the All Pages - Pageviewer trigger. Make sure that XXXXXXXXXXXX has been replaced by the uptain ID provided by uptain:



Insertion of e-mail adresses

In addition, the website visitor's e-mail address into a DIV tag __ up_data_qp if it is to be sent to. For example, this might look like this:



Create variable

Either use an existing variable or create a new variable in Google Tag Manager. To create a new variable, switch to the Variables area on the left in the navigation and click on the NEW button at the bottom of the Custom Variables area.

Name the new variable in accordance with the use within the tag (for example, optinemail), and typically select data-layer variable as the variable type to use with an existing data-layer variable (for example, optinemail).

For further information about using variables in Google Tag Manager, see here: http://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6106899? hl = en



Data-layer variable

If you have not yet set up a suitable data layer variable, you can create one using the following instructions. If a suitable variable exists, you can use it as well.
In doing so, submit the visitor's e-mail address programmatically (instead of TEST@MAIL.DE ). Make sure, however, that you only submit e-mail addresses where you have a suitable double opt-in or you can ensure that the respective e-mail of the visitor meets the requirements of § 7 UWG Paragraph 3.
To reestablish a data layer variable, search the following code on each page using your webpage backend:



Further options

If this is not the case, you can not use it to submit a blank email address:

Optional parameters
You can transfer additional parameters to uptain.
Privacy text
Here you can find our exemplary privacy text.
Google Analytics
Here you can find our Manual for creating Custom Events in Google Analytics.
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