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Integration Manual

This manual show how to integrate uptain with Magento 2.



Get uptain Connect free of charge in the Magento Marketplace and install the plugin in your Magento 2 shop.


Magento 2 Plugin Installation

On the Admin sidebar, click System. Then under Tools, choose Web Setup Wizard.


Access Keys

When prompted, paste the Public Access Key and Private Access Key from your Marketplace account. Then, tap Sign In .


Synchronize Magento 2 Plugin

To synchronize Component Manager with your Marketplace purchases, tap Sync. It might take a few minutes. When the process is complete, the number of new purchases appears with the date and time the store was last synchronized.


Installation of Magento 2 Plugin

In the Marketplace Purchases section under New Purchases, click Install.
In the Extensions Grid, mark the checkbox of the extension you want to install. Then in the Action column, click the Install link for the item.


Magento 2 Plugin Configuration

After logging into your admin area please navigate to the Store Configuration.
Stores >> Configuration
Go to the ​uptain Connect​ configuration in the ​CUSTOMERS​ group.



Now enter your personal uptain ID, which has been sent to you in advance by e-mail. This consists of 16 random characters.

Then please specify which e-mail data should be sent to uptain. If you select "​Yes​", you decide to transfer your visitors' personal data to uptain, in contrast to "No".

Select "​Yes​" for the "​Track consisted customers​" option for the transmission of personal data of your existing customers, if the requirements of § 7 UWG (3) are met.

Select "​Yes​" in the "​Track newsletter subscribers​" option for the transmission of the personal data of your newsletter subscribers, ​if you have a suitable double opt-in​.

Then save the configuration with "​Save Config​".

Register here for your uptain-ID

Optional Parameters
You can transfer additional parameters to uptain.
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