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Integration Manual

This manual show how to integrate uptain with plentyMarkets.


Download plugin

As a Plentymarkets customer, our free up plug-in is available to you within the Plenty Marketplace.

First, download the free uptain plugin. You want to put it back in your shop via the main navigation in the area Plugins> Plugin overview> Not installed.
Note: Select the appropriate set in which you want to install the plugin.



Install plentymarkets plugin

After the successful download, install the uptain conversion plugin for online shops by clicking on the installation button in the overview of your plentymarkets plugin purchases.



Create variable

Activate the conversion plugin by clicking on the activation button. Then click on the plugin line to get to the configuration.



Your uptain ID

In the following step, please enter your uptain ID, which you have received from us before.

Then, please specify in the settings what kind of email addresses should be sent to you. Thus, you choose what personal data is transmitted to uptain.

Select the option Transfer existing customer email addresses For the transmission of the personal data of your existing customers (eg if the requirements of § 7 UWG Pragraph 3 are met).

Select the option Transfer existing customer email addresses for the transmission of the personal data of your newsletter subscribers' personal information (eg if you have a suitable double opt-in).



Set plentymarkets plugin live

In a final step you can activate the conversion plugin for your plentymarkets shop by clicking on Link plugin sets.


Optional parameters
You can transfer additional parameters to uptain.
Privacy text
Here you can find our exemplary privacy text.
Google Analytics
Here you can find our Manual for creating Custom Events in Google Analytics.
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