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Integration Manual

This manual show how to integrate uptain with Shopware.



Log into the backend area of your shopware system and navigate to the Settings in the plugin Manager .



Download Shopware plugin

In the second step, download the uptain conversion plugin in the Shopware Store (download link below the Shopware logo). After the successful download, first navigate to the area of the installed Shopware plugins Installed and then select the plugin uptain-Connect .



Activate Shopware lugin

After the successful download of the conversion plugin uptain-Connect , you want to find the plugin in the section My purchases , Now click on the icon Download plugin .
The plugin can now be found in the Installed area and can be activated by clicking on the + .



Your uptain ID

In the same window you will find the configuration options. In this step, please enter your personal ID, which will be sent to you by e-mail. This consists of 16 random characters.

Then please specify which e-mail data should be sent to you. If you select Yes Personal data to be updated, in contrast to no .

Select "Yes" for the option "Pass on existing customer mail addresses" for the transmission of the personal data of your existing customers, if the requirements of § 7 UWG Paragraph 3 are met.

Select "Yes" for the "Submit subscribers subscribers" option if you have a double opt-in opt-in.

Selecting inheritance is a setting that can be made if you are using subshop (s) and want to apply the main store settings.

Select "Yes" in the "Transfer Customer Sales" option for the customer's final shopping cart value.

Select "Yes" in the "Submit ID for cart" option to submit the ID to the cart recovery. Customers thus have the opportunity to restore their shopping cart across devices.

Register here for your uptain ID




Finally, please save all settings made by clicking on Save , You want to find the plugin after successful installation in the area of the installed plugins.



Optional parameters

If you want to optimize or restrict uptain for certain customer groups, you can use the customer groups created by Shopware in your personal login area in the conditions. You can find the abbreviations of the customer groups in your Shopware backend under "Settings" >> "Basic settings" >> Shop settings >> "Customer groups".


Optional parameters
You can transfer additional parameters to uptain.
Privacy text
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Google Analytics
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