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Integration Manual

This manual show how to integrate uptain with WordPress.


Download Plugin

As a Wordpress customer, our free uptain plug-in is available within Wordpress.

Download the plugin first. Then use Plugins > Install to navigate to the search bar Search plugins .



Install WordPress Plugin

Locate the uptain conversion plugin and click .



Activate WordPress Plugin

Select Installed Plugins < b> in the drop-down menu of the Plugins area in the sidebar of your Wordpress backend. Then activate the conversion plugin with the corresponding click.
You will now find the item uptain-Settings in the same drop-down menu. Select it to enter your uptain ID.



Your uptain-ID

In the field uptain token, enter your 16-digit uptain ID, which you have previously got by us.
Click the checkbox next to transfer existing customers for the transmission of the personal data of your existing customers, if the requirements from the § 7 UWG paragraph 3 are met and you want to use the e-mail solution from uptain. Then save the settings by clicking on Save Settings .


Optional Parameters
You can transfer additional parameters to uptain.
Privacy Text
Here you can find our exemplary privacy text.
Google Analytics
Here you can find our Manual for creating Custom Events in Google Analytics.
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