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Abort reasons in online shops: complex but predictable
04.02.20, Haydar Yüce

Every merchant who wants to understand his customers is worried about the shopping cart abandoners of the online shop. But why do customers abandon the shopping cart? Because the reasons for shopping cart abandonment are as various as the customers themselves, there is a strong temptation to label the phenomenon as unpredictable. The bad news is that the reasons for shopping cart abandonment are and remain complex. The good news is that they are still predictable.


Recognizing the reasons for shopping cart abandonment

A breakdown of the reasons for abandonment into categories and temporal sequences breaks the myth of “cart abandonment” into an explainable phenomenon, whereby meaningful operational activities can be derived. First of all, the question of the reasons for abandonment must be answered in order to prevent shopping cart abandonment. Abandonment reasons are either technical or psychological in nature.


1. Technical reasons for a shopping cart abandonment

Possible technical reasons are present both before the checkout process begins and during the checkout process.


A. Before the checkout

Shopping cart abandonments often take place before the actual checkout process. The main reasons for this are…

  • Faulty pages
  • Missing information
  • Missing products
  • Bad user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design


B. During the checkout

If the shop visitor is already in the checkout, the probability of completing the purchase increases. The checkout process begins in the shopping cart and ends after the order has been successfully placed. The purchase can also be cancelled directly in the shopping cart. To help visitors complete the checkout process, merchants must first identify the reasons for abandonment during the checkout:

  • Checkout process with more than 5 steps
  • Late disclosure of important information (e.g. shipping costs and payment options)


2. Psychological reasons for a shopping cart abandonment

Although the psychological reasons for shopping cart abandonments are subjective and depend on the individual customer, online shops can influence them. Relevant psychological reasons for cart abandonment are:

  • Lack of the possibility to order as a guest
  • Unfavorable placement of the input field for coupon codes
  • Low trust in the online shop


In the e-book “Abandonment reasons – complex but predictable” you will learn how exactly the reasons for abandonment arise and what effects they have on an online shop and its visitors. Based on this information you will develop a better understanding for your customers and can successfully prevent shopping cart abandonments.

E-Book Kaufabbrecher analysieren und zurückgewinnen




Now learn something about:


  • Why shop visitors abandon their purchase
  • At what time the purchase is abandoned
  • How shopping cart abandonment can become calculable despite its complexity?
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