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11FREUNDE - Success story for the 2018 World Cup
20.06.18, Harald Neuner

The World Cup draws the majority of people in this country under its spell. This has also been reflected in the increased traffic of the 11FREUNDE shop. With over 2,000 mostly exclusive football items, the 11FREUNDE Shop is very popular - especially during a world event as such.


uptain® ALGORITHM meets World Championship

Just in time for the 2018 World Cup, uptain has developed a concept to take advantage of the increased traffic and to recapture shopping abandoners in the 11FREUNDE online shop as well as to tie up more existing customers to the shop. With a small budget, little time and the best time to integrate the 11FREUNDE Shop was able to visibly expand its performance. The result is impressive! Discover how the 11FREUNDE shop managed to generate € 10,000 in revenue with a small budget and what other advantages arise from using uptain - also for you.



E-Book Kaufabbrecher analysieren und zurückgewinnen




Learn now:


  • How 11FREUNDE achieved a ROI of 1000%
  • What the smart use of voucher looks like
  • How 11 FRIENDS achieved a conversion rate of 35% with abandonment mails
  • What positive effects a proactive customer approach has for your brand
  • How to achieve a 39% conversion with windows on mobile devices

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