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Shopping Abandoners in 3 Dimensions - analyzed and recovered
03.11.18, Harald Neuner

The loss of online shopping cart abandonments is between 500 million and one billion euros in Germany. Even more: Around 70% of the website visitors cancel the shopping cart without ordering. No wonder that this topic is hardly discussed in e-commerce.


on the track of shopping cart abandonments

Cart abandonment cannot be analyzed with a simple one-dimensional look. In order to convince abandoned buyers to buy the products, it is not only necessary to know the exact reason for the termination. The customer characteristics and the situational factor also play a major role. The right understanding for abandoned buyers needs a multi-dimensional view that takes into account all influences on shopping cart abandonment.


3 dimensions of cart abandonment


Setting / motives

To the attitudes and/or motives belong all obvious reasons for the shopping abandonment at first sight:

  • Bad pages
  • Too long delivery times
  • Lack of confidence
  • Etc.


Customer characteristics

The customer characteristics describe everything that makes up the individual customer. Every detail can influence the shopping abandonment:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Online purchasing experience
  • Etc.


Situational factor

The situational factor characterizes all influences that arise from the situation and have an impact on the shopping abandonment:

  • Duration of the session
  • Time of day
  • Device
  • Etc.


Use Case: Max and Hildegard

Max and Hildegard are completely different people. They have different customer characteristics and abandon the purchase for different reasons.

For what reasons do the two cancel their purchase and how can they be recovered? Only with consideration of the 3 dimensions can abandonments like Max and Hildegard be understood. Find out now how the 3 dimensions help analyze and recover abandoned buyers






Now learn something about:


  • Influencing factors for shopping cart abandonments
  • Personalized solutions against shopping cart abandoners
  • Intelligent recovery of shopping cart abandoners

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