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Human and Machine in E-Commerce: Competitors instead of Opponents
14.03.19, Julian Craemer

Artificial intelligence, big data, data-driven marketing: The rapid development of technology is also fueling debates on the opportunities and risks of machines in e-commerce. Online shop operators quickly lose track of things. However, rather than worrying about the issue at all, a strategy should be developed that incorporates current and future technologies.

Did you know that the global data area is expected to increase from 33 zettabytes (2018) to 175 zettabytes (2025 )¹? However, many companies do not exhaustively exploit this enormous potential. Too complicated are the many data that must be recorded, ordered and used meaningfully. For example, around 40% of companies find it hard to make data use to develop personalized, real-time experiences². A mistake: when it comes to intelligent real-time data processing, machines do an excellent job and free people from boring, routine tasks.




... recognize relevant data coming from a variety of data sources.

... determine the exact needs and motives of the users.

... make efficient decisions using intelligent data processing.

... are the answer to dynamic buying behavior.


You want to know exactly how the symbiosis between human and machine should look in e-commerce and why online shop operators are losing the chance of a significant competitive advantage? The eBook Human vs machine gives answers to these and other questions.



E-Book Kaufabbrecher analysieren und zurückgewinnen



Learn now:


  • How human and machine are perfectly matched
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of both components?
  • Why machines are crucial to your competitive advantage
  • How the customer experience wants change in the future
  • Why one should not speak of a duel, but of a duet?
  • How to make everyday e-commerce life easier
  • How can you give space for creativity

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