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Make use of high selling seasons and build sustainable growth
25.10.19, Haydar Yüce

How big is the share of Christmas business in the total yearly revenue of your online shop? Probably quite high. Online retailing thrives on a few strong sales phases. In 2018, the Christmas business alone accounted for around a quarter of its total revenue. So it’s no wonder that marketing spending at this time is much higher. Nevertheless, many online shops overlook fundamental opportunities to maximize profit and grow sustainably.


Seize missed opportunities

It is not without reason that many online shops say: “After the Christmas business is before the Christmas business”. After all, online retailers have their hands full: they have to optimize the landing pages for search engines, plan Google AdWords campaigns, prepare Christmas campaigns and much more. In all the hustle and bustle, many forget to make better use of the increased traffic.


The high demand can be used in times of high turnover for the following purposes:

  • to increase turnover through purposeful conversion optimization,
  • to significantly increase the return on investment (ROI) with a minimal additional effort and
  • to acquire new customers and thus expand the existing customer base.


Build sustainable growth

In this way, online retailers are able to get even more out of their Christmas business, while at the same time ensuring sustainable growth in the form of new customer acquisition and increased  customer loyalty.

Would you like to find out in more detail how you can use times of high turnover to achieve sustainable growth? Take a look at the e-book “Make use of high selling seasons and build sustainable grow”.

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Learn now:


  • How to maximize sales during peak times like Christmas
  • You emerge from these times sustainably strengthened
  • How to achieve these goals with uptain solutions
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