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myRobotcenter –
International Success Story
16.08.19, Jan Loeper

The clear trend towards the Smart Home increases the demand for robots that perform household and garden tasks and make people’s everyday lives easier by vacuuming, floor cleaning, window cleaning and lawn mowing. myRobotcenter is one of the largest European online shops for household and entertainment robots. The company was looking for a solution that would allow it to use its 400,000 monthly sessions more efficiently.


uptain in international use

We were looking for an onsite optimization, which should not annoy the visitors under any circumstances. As an international company, myRobotcenter is active in numerous European countries. The challenge: International customers and different currencies require a technology with dynamic solutions that recognizes and sensibly evaluates country-specific data.

Find out now how myRobotcenter with uptain increased the conversion rate by 21% and simultaneously reduced the share of advertising costs by 15%.

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Learn now:


  • How myRobotcenter has increased its conversion rate by a remarkable 21%
  • How the advertising cost share was sustainably reduced by as much as 15%
  • How an online shop optimizes traffic with over 400,000 sessions per month
  • What impact the uptain® ALGORITHM has in an international online shop
  • How the conversion is optimized without increasing the annoyance factor for customers
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