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Our new home between the harbor and Reeperbahn
12.09.19, Haydar Yüce

An inauguration is usually the first party in a new environment. But we already threw the #OMR19 SIDE EVENT with 150 guests in our office before the inauguration. Now we wanted to celebrate our new working environment in a smaller group. Each one of us had a favorite person of our choice with them.

Since all our everyday heroes have been present, the schedule-making was done according to the consensus principle. 21 June 2019. Our working student from Tuebingen even traveled to Hamburg exclusively for the inauguration. For the sake of the environment, she rejected the private jet and traveled by train. The rest of us decided to go by train or bicycle due to the short distance.

For the inauguration there should be something special to eat, which is why we decided for the extremely good restaurant Salt & Silver. Afterwards we went to the restaurant, we went for the five-minute walk to the restaurant with a great view of the harbor. Thanks to our little previous history with Salt & Silver each of us got a delicious cocktail on the house. Thanks for that! This time we decided for the Levante kitchen. But next time we try Latin American cuisine, I promise! There were delicious mezze, hummus, fattoush, tabbouleh, zaatar and delicious cocktails. We still dream about it today ...

Hans Albers Square, where our office is located in a small backyard next to an Irish pub called Molly Malone. Since there is always a party in the backyard in the evening, we've been to make our way through the crowd. Upstairs there was a FIFA tournament, party games, Beer Pong and just a whole night of fun. Our office was inaugurated duly. It was not the last party.


What our everyday heroes think about the office:


"Exactly what I'm looking for." - Harald

"An open, bright room where you just have to feel comfortable." - Stine

"Since I can not afford the rent for a private loft in Hamburg, I like to come to our loft every day." - Jan

"On the Reeperbahn, noon at half past twelve." - Sophie

"This moment, when you are at work, the seagulls screech and suddenly a ship's horn sounds from the harbor. That's Hamburg. "- Haydar

"More beautiful than my own living room #sadlytrue" - Sina

"When afterwork and work are only one floor apart." - Kim

"Could be my new home, too!" - Luke

"As open as the employees." - Niklas

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