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Shopping cart abandonment in the online shop: The unattended potential
30.07.19, Harald Neuner

For online stores, abandoned shopping carts do not just mean missed sales. In the medium and long term, the image of their own brand is growing.


Potential for shopping cart abandonment

About 70% of the people shopping at a shopping mall. For this reason the marketing activities and associated costs do not unfold their full potential as long as the customers are not regained.

Abandoners are characterized primarily by the fact that they have already shown interest in the purchase. They therefore do not have to be made aware of the online shop at great expense, but only convinced of the purchase. Consequently, at no other point in the customer journey is it easier, cheaper and more promising to significantly increase the conversion rate through appropriate measures.


Increase customer value

Contact with shopping cart abandoners leads to the build-up of existing customers and thus to a significant increase in customer value. Since the segment of repeat and regular buyers accounts for 41% of its sales, this segment is extremely worthwhile. The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) measures the customer value realistically. This measure looks at the business relationship as a whole, taking past and future.

Learn more about the abandonment of abandoned shopping carts and how to spend it in the first part of the series "Shopping Cart Abandonment in Online Shops".

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Learn more about:


  • Motivation of regaining shopping cart abandoners
  • Benefit from regaining of shopping cart abandoners
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV) and
  • How the regaining of shopping cart abandoners increases the CLV

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