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uptain & FACT-Finder: Two solutions, multiple touchpoints
11.10.19, Haydar Yüce

With uptain, online merchants opt for intelligent solutions for the recovery of shopping cart abandoners. Unfortunately, shopping basket abandonments are not the only problem shop owners face. In order to help our customers with other problems as well, our partnerships are well founded. One of these partnerships we have entered since day one of our start: Our partner FACT-Finder is the leading provider of powerful search and navigation solutions for online shops in the D-A-CH region. Both solutions complement each other and ensure conversion optimization along the customer journey.


Conversion optimization along the customer journey: uptain & FACT-Finder

Since FACT-Finder and uptain are used for different touchpoints (search & shopping cart abandonment), they complement each other perfectly. While FACT-Finder helps visitors find their way around, uptain recovers up to 30% of the shopping cart abandoners. Even if the use of a single solution leads to a higher conversion rate: Together, we ensure conversion optimization along a large part of the customer journey.

We are convinced of the synergy between uptain and FACT-Finder. And because we want to convince the world of online retailing of the interaction of our solutions together with our partner, we observed the online shoppers Kiyan (20), Markus (40) and Mathilde (65) and traced their customer journeys. First of all, none of the customer journeys would end with a conversion if both solutions were not in use.

Join Kiyan, Markus and Mathilde on their way to conversion. Experience their problems and our solutions. To the FACT-Finder article (German).

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