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Exit Intent Popups: More conversions for online shops
11/15/19, Haydar Yüce

Exit Intent Popups (also called Exit Intent Layers) are dialog windows that are displayed to the visitor shortly before leaving a website. They differ from other popups primarily in the trigger. Depending on your goals, this can have significant benefits. To anticipate this: If you want to proceed in a customer-centric way and offer the visitor a pleasant customer journey without renouncing this communication channel, Exit Intent popups are the means of choice.

Online shops can thus win back customers who have abandoned their shopping cart and generate newsletter subscribers without annoying the visitor. On the contrary, if the Exit Intent popups are backed by intelligent software that personalizes the content and tonality of the message, the visitor will also perceive the contact as a service.


What kind of triggers exist?

In order to understand the difference between Exit Intent popups and other types of popups and to be aware of the advantages, the common trigger mechanisms should be examined more closely:

  1. The mouse-out trigger only triggers the popup when the visitor wants to leave the website. There are different triggers depending on the device. The corresponding technology detects on desktops and laptops when the cursor is about to close the tab or window. On mobile devices, on the other hand, the trigger can be the back button or a tab and app switch. This trigger is used in the Exit Intent technology.
  2. The time-delay trigger triggers the popup after a previously defined time. This trigger mechanism is intended to ensure that the visitor has a certain amount of time to view the website. The trigger, however, affects the user experience, which often leads to visitors leaving the website or abandoning the shop.
  3. The scroll trigger shows the popup when the visitor of a website scrolls to a certain point. When this point is reached, each website and online shop can decide for itself. This trigger is intended to ensure that the visitor has shown enough interest before a popup is displayed. However, this trigger mechanism also does not take user experience into account. If, for example, a visitor looks at the products of an online shop and scrolls further down, a popup triggered by the scroll trigger is highly likely to disturb him.


More conversions with Exit Intent Popups

With the Exit Intent technology, more conversions can be achieved without annoying the visitor and thus taking the risk of him leaving the website. Conversions can be sales, but also qualified leads (newsletter subscribers).

Immediately prevent shopping cart abandoners

Recovery of shopping cart abandoners

Every online shop is confronted with visitors who place products in the shopping cart without completing the purchase. This is a missed opportunity, because these abandoners show great interest. The chance of purchase is many times higher in this part of the Customer Journey. At this point, popups with personalized content can be used to motivate the potential shopping cart abandoner to complete the purchase. Depending on the reason for the cancellation, this can be an individual voucher code or the offering of telephone, WhatsApp or email services.


Generation of newsletter subscribers

Whether online shop, travel provider or online magazine: Newsletter subscribers play a major role for many websites when it comes to retaining customers. Generating these is not always easy. On the one hand you want to reach as many visitors as possible in order to win them as leads and convert them into customers. On the other hand, you don't want to disrupt the user experience by having a popup appear in the middle of the buying experience that could possibly lead to an annoyed shopping cart abandoner. Here Exit Intent popups offer a risk-free solution as well. 

To ensure the best possible success, the content should also be personalized when generating newsletter subscribers, because a voucher code is not always the right incentive. Sometimes it's the fear of missing something ("FOMO": Fear Of Missing Out) or simply the right information to win a newsletter subscriber.

For this purpose we also offer our own solution: Newsletter opt-ins.


Success with personalized Exit Intent Popups

The functionality and benefits of Exit Intent popups should be clarified here. Now the question arises how exactly the content is designed to appeal to the visitor. The answer: personalization. The uptain® ALGORITHM uses intelligent data processing to determine important customer characteristics and the individual reason for abandonment. Based on this, the visitor is given an Exit Intent popup in the case of a abandonment, which will respond individually to him.

Thanks to the Exit Intent technology, merchants can use targeted popups without annoying the visitor. The conversion rate can be significantly increased if the content is also tailored to the individual needs of the visitor. The prerequisite for this is the Exit Intent technology combined with a corresponding algorithm.





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