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Case Studies & eBooks

Learn about relevant topics in e-commerce.

Shopping Cart Abandonment - the Unattended Potential


  • What should be the motivation behind the recovery of cart abandoners
  • What is the benefit of recovering abandoned carts?
  • What is the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and how it is calculated

Annoyance factors in e-commerce


  • What does the annoyance factor in e-commerce mean?
  • How NOT to use popups and emails
  • How to add value for customers
  • How to maximize revenue with as few touchpoints as possible
  • How technology helps to minimize the annoyance factor


Case Study

  • How myRobotcenter has increased its conversion rate by a remarkable 21%
  • How the advertising cost share was sustainably reduced by as much as 15%
  • How an online shop optimizes traffic with over 400,000 sessions per month
  • What impact the uptain® ALGORITHM has in an international online shop
  • How the conversion is optimized without increasing the annoyance factor for customers


Case Study

  • How 11FREUNDE achieved a ROI of 1000%
  • What the smart use of voucher looks like
  • How 11FREUNDE achieved a conversion rate of 35% with abandonment mails
  • What positive effects a proactive customer approach has for your brand
  • How to achieve a 39% conversion with windows on mobile devices

Humans Vs. Machines


  • How human and machine are perfectly matched
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of both components?
  • Why machines are crucial to your competitive advantage
  • How the customer experience wants change in the future
  • Why one should not speak of a duel, but of a duet?
  • How to make everyday e-commerce life easier
  • How can you give space for creativity

Cart Abandonment in 3 Dimensions


  • How different your customers are
  • How different the purchasing motivation of your customers is
  • How a particular situation affects your customers during the shopping
  • How to respond appropriately to search factors
  • How to not only increase your sales but customer satisfaction