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Key Features

uptain offers a various possibilites to increase your onlineshop's performance.

Increase shopping cart value

Increase your average shopping cart value by displaying a voucher to price-sensitive abandoners and linking this voucher to a minimum cart value. Best Practice: Display the voucher as soon as the customer has an item in the shopping cart with the condition shopping cart greater than "1", but when creating the voucher specify the condition that the minimum order value is above the average shopping cart value. Attention: Please tell your customers in the footnote which conditions have to be fulfilled for the voucher to be valid. We recommend to create different vouchers at the same time in order to reach price-sensitive customers and to let the uptain® ALGORITHMUS optimize the communication.


Reduce shopping cancellations on any pages and in the cart at own will. Limit the popup display to the desired pages by selecting a certain page with the condition URL contains (eg contains / shoes or / checkout) or exclude certain pages with RegEX expressions for which you do not want any function. We recommend not to limit this condition and to let the uptain® ALGORITHM automatically optimize the communication for your online shop. We recommend not to limit this condition and let the uptain® ALGORITHMUS automatically optimize the communication for your online shop.


Easily set up a custom display according to a customer group by personalizing the display for new customers, existing customers, merchants, internal, etc. with the condition Customer group contains or does not contain. Attention: The abbreviations for the respective customer groups differ from shop system to shop system. We recommend that you use this function to differentiate between B2B and B2C vouchers when addressing price-sensitive customers and to offer a differentiated service variant for retailers and other customers.


Use the conditions Revenue less than to only address new customers and show no function to your existing customers who have long been convinced of your product. The same conditions can also logically be used to address resellers.


With the condition URL parameter gclid not empty you can restrict the function of uptain to customers who referred from a Google Adwords campaign. With the general function URL parameters you can also react to other campaigns and query different parameters on the page. We recommend not to limit this condition and to let the uptain® ALGORITHM automatically optimize the communication for your online shop. We recommend that you do not restrict this condition and let the uptain® ALGORITHMUS automatically optimize communication for your online shop.


With this new feature, you can grow your email list effortlessly, automatically, and intelligently. Sounds too good to be true? Let the uptain® ALGORITHM decide for you which user this function will work out. If the algorithm detects potential interest in a login, the second step distinguishes how this customer will be addressed. You can choose between incentives or FOMO (fear of missing out). In order to be able to use this new function, simply contact your contact person at uptain.


Let users in need of service know shortly before leaving the site that their request is important and that you can respond quickly and easily to any type of question via whatsapp chat. This feature is especially popular on mobile devices. Simply create an individual popup and use the scheme / country code + telephone number for the link: https://wa.me/4917812345678


Let users in need of service know shortly before leaving the site that their concern is important and that you can respond quickly and easily to any type of question via chat. We recommend to minimize the chat by default and to open the chat window only with a JavaScript integration if necessary by the customer with one click. Depending on the chat provider, different commands can be found on their support pages.


Close or restrict the function of uptain to certain categories with the condition URL contains or does not contain. For example, customers who are in the SALE do not receive price discounts or customers who are in the contact form do not receive service messages.


Within Freetext you can let your creativity run wild and convince shopping abandoners with individual messages. Create temporary offers, inform about promotions, show the nearest branches or link to your loyalty program.


In the shop configuration area, you not only set up the rules for the uptain® ALGORITHM, but can also come up with an individual design. Each element of the popup can be individualized and even the desired fonts can be loaded.
Your benefits
With uptain you use the traffic on your website from the first minute to perform better.
Conversion Optimization
Increase your conversion rate with little effort by automatically recovering up to 30% of your shopping cart abandoners.
More satisfied customers
Achieve particularly high response rates and long-term customer loyalty through our individually customized, service-oriented customer communication.
Increase in revenue
Increase your revenue with our solutions sustainably by up to 10%.
Experience successes live
Our individual live dashboard gives you a transparent overview of your customers at any time.
Data security
Secure data management, encrypted data transmission and server location in Germany ensure the best possible protection for your data.
Releasing the IT
Our solutions adapt effortlessly to your corporate design - without IT or design knowledge.

Increase your conversion rate by up to 70%.

Recognize reasons for cart abandonment with uptain and recover shopping cart abandoners - smart and unobtrusive. NEW: Collect email addresses of your interested visitors and generate leads with our Slide-Ins.


With the Activation Popups, you automatically help cart abandoners to complete the purchasing process. Shortly before leaving the website, a personalized exit-intent popup will appear, which will respond individually to the abandoner.


With the Abandonment-Mails, you automatically send personalized service e-mails to customers who put something into the shopping cart but do not complete the purchase successfully. Relevant content helps customers continue shopping.

Newsletter optins

With our intelligent solution you can automatically and unobtrusively convert your interested and unknown visitors into email subscribers and customers. High conversion rates thanks to the right approach at the right time - even without a voucher.

"With uptain, we were able to turn 30% of the abandoners into customers. A simple and personal way to attract and retain customers. "
"We were able to improve our conversion rate by 21% and thus reduce our share of advertising costs by 15%."
"Through the use of update-activation and abandonment-mails we win back to average of approx. 31% of the shopping cart abondoners. This results in a significant increase in sales for us. "
"Thanks to the plugin, the solution was live in a few minutes. Since then, the intelligent control of the messages has led to more satisfied customers and a higher conversion rate.

Cart Abandonment in 3 Dimensions


use high selling seasons & build sustainable growth


Humans Vs. Machines


Cart abandonment - onsite


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