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Our Vision

A few years ago, we began to drive forward a paradigm shift in e-commerce. To put it more explicitly – Conversion Optimization. Away from classical campaign thinking and expert knowledge towards data- and algorithm-based optimization processes. The fear of giving up control and having the machine optimized is often still great. With constantly growing amounts of data, it is only a matter of time before manual maintenance of online marketing campaigns becomes obsolete. We want people to be able to concentrate on what they do best: creative thinking outside the box. Today we have an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and highly effective tool for the automatic optimization of conversions in online shops. The future of uptain promises a lot! Some notable keywords here are AI-controlled automation, big data analysis and AI-driven online marketing. We are working hard to achieve our ambitious goals. Do you want to be a part of it and change the world of online shops with us? Then we are very happy to have you in our team.

Wir sind keine

We love the productive chaos and that’s what you should do! There are no limits to your creativity at uptain. It is especially important to us that you have a lot of motivation and desire to actively implement your ideas with us. If you should stand nevertheless times on the hose, all are to you in the team at the disposal.


Our young team is looking forward to meeting you in our modern loft in the heart of St. Pauli.

Thanks to our open discussion culture and our weekly agile standups, everyone is always up to date and knows what the other team members are currently working on. We like to share our knowledge with everyone and thus always have a very varied working day.


We are unique!

Flexible work arrangements | We all have a life away from work. Whether it’s a full-time course of study or a private appointment – we always find solutions for an effective and as unburdening as possible organisation of working hours!

Personal responsibility | We are enthusiastic about our start-up culture, which we want to maintain despite great growth. Each one of us bears responsibility from day one and receives complete trust. “I would not change anything at uptain, I do every day.”

TEAM | We are all young personalities from various regions of the world and very proud of our diversity. What unites us are cosmopolitanism, commitment, mutual support and love for our work.

Flat hierarchies | We don’t believe in rigid structures any more than we do in manual duplication, and we like flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. New ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Support for individual career goals | We support you and your individual career goals to the best of our ability.

Internationality | We are a team with different backgrounds and different mother tongues. For this reason we communicate predominantly in English. So if you can sing a few English lyrics, that’s enough for us.

Your Benefits

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Diversität at it’s best 

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