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shopping cart abandonment in online shops
Shopping Cart Abandoners: Comprehensive Guide for Online Shops

Are you annoyed by the many shopping cart abandoners in your online shop? About 70% of the filled shopping carts are abandoned. So there is a lot of potential here. In this guide you will learn everything there is to know about shopping cart abandoners: Identify reasons for abandonment, reduce…

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    Individual purchase incentives at

    They are looking for a way to offer exactly the right assistance or incentive for products that require intensive consultation. The result: an ROI of over 3000% - a monthly increase in sales of 4% and a double-digit number of saved shopping baskets.

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    dynamic pricing
    How to get more conversions with dynamic pricing

    Through detailed analysis of influential marketing data and performance indicators, an effective dynamic pricing strategy can be created to maximize your company's profitability and meet your customers' expectations by generating revenue that guarantees short- and long-term results.

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    personalization ecommerce
    Personalization in e-commerce with exit intent overlays

    Exit intent overlays can be the key to personalizing your online shop and providing your customers with an optimized shopping experience. We give you tips on how to successfully implement exit intent overlay personalization in e-commerce.

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    The checkout - what you should pay attention to

    A visitor browses through your online shop and finds exactly what he was looking for. After he has put everything in the shopping cart, he is now on his way to the checkout. And suddenly, the potential customer turns into a shopping cart abandoner. What happened?

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    double optin email
    Double Opt-in Emails: Use of Personalization

    Double opt-in emails offer many opportunities for personalization that enhance the user experience. The application of these tools is highly advisable as the benefits of double opt-in emails help you to take your business to the next level and achieve unparalleled results.

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    How to choose the right payment options

    Today's customers not only appreciate a large product selection, but also want to be able to freely choose their payment options. This article explains why it is important for online merchants to offer the most common payment options and why this has an impact on the conversion rate.

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    how to calculate conversion rate
    How to calculate conversion rate

    To know the ratio of your visitors who have made a purchase, you can calculate the Conversion Rate. There are different formulas available for this purpose. We will present them to you in this article.

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    behavioral targeting cookies
    Applying behavioral targeting for personalization

    Behavioral targeting is a powerful tool for creating personalized messages that attract new customers and help you retain your existing customers. Learn how it works and how you can integrate it into a personalization strategy.

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    shopify price
    Shopify Costs: These costs you have to expect with Shopify

    As with all other shop systems, Shopify also incurs costs for online merchants. Shopify costs start with the monthly basic fees and extend to the transaction fees as well as the costs for apps and integrations. We will give you an overview of all possible Shopify costs that come your…

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    optin email strategie
    Opt-in email strategies for effective personalization

    Opt-in email strategies present significant potential for personalization because it provides you with more accurate information about your target audience. Learn to apply this option for effective communication that will attract and retain customers and increase your company's sales.