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Newsletter popups

Increase newsletter subscriptions sustainably. With personalized and situatively appropriate slide-ins.

Convert your previously unknown but interested target group into email leads - even on mobile devices.

No annoyance factor. GDPR compliant. Even without vouchers.

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Your benefits

Convert more visitors

Capture email addresses and even more personal data of your previously unknown but interested visitors and optimize the customer dialogue.

Double opt-in (DOI)

The uptain® ALGORITHM continuously optimises the communication and automatically pushes the new leads into the favoured email marketing tool.

GDPR & Privacy Policy

Increase your newsletter subscriptions in accordance with the GDPR guidelines using Double-Opt-Ins (DOI).

Individual communication

Successfully capture email leads with customized content - even without vouchers and incentives. 

Relieving the IT

Our solutions adapt effortlessly to your corporate design - without IT or design knowledge.

Increase revenue sustainably

Increase your sales sustainably by converting visitors into newsletter subscribers.

"We capture GDPR-compliant Email Leads with our intelligent solutions very successfully."

"Thanks to the plugin, the solution was live in a few minutes. Since then, the intelligent technology has led to more satisfied customers and a higher conversion rate.

Newsletter popups how it works

uptain uses real-time data processing to identify previously unknown but interested visitors and convert them into newsletter subscribers.

Newsletter Popups auf Desktop

The visitor gets to your website and browses for a while.

Newsletter Popups Technologie

At the same time, the uptain® ALGORITHM processes a large amount of data to identify visitors and convert them into subscribers who are not yet ready to buy yet.

Ausspielung von Newsletter Popups

If the visitor shows interest in the products but does not complete the purchase, an individually customized slide-in with a suitable response appears. The uptain® ALGORITHM distinguishes between irresistible incentives and FOMO (fear of missing out).

Solutions for the intelligent collection of email addresses

With Newsletter Popups you convert your interested visitors into email subscribers and customers - intelligently and unobtrusively even without a voucher

Grafik Newsletter Popup

Newsletter popups

With our intelligent solution you can automatically and unobtrusively convert your interested and unknown visitors into email subscribers and customers. High conversion rates thanks to the right approach at the right time - even without a voucher.

Newsletter Popup Anbindung an E-Mail Marketing Systeme

Automated Process

uptain can be integrated with all major email marketing tools so that all of your new email subscribers are automatically added to your email list. We are continuously working on further integrations for you. 


The uptain® ALGORITHM

Segment visitors intelligently.
understand customers better.

Optimize the customer approach based on smart computing, big data benchmarks, and automated A / B testing. More…

Strengthen customer experience

With uptain you can convert your interested visitors into email subscribers and customers - intelligently and unobtrusively even without a voucher.

When are newsletter pop-ups played?

If the software recognizes an interested but not yet ready-to-buy online shop visitor, a newsletter pop-up that matches the situation is played out in order to attract interested users as newsletter subscribers and later convert them as customers through email marketing.

Are newsletter pop-ups personalized?

Depending on the situation and characteristics of website visitors, the newsletter popup differentiates between individual vouchers and FOMO (German: fear of missing something). Appropriate communication increases the likelihood of contacting the online shop visitor. The optimization is automated as AB testing. 

Can the design of newsletter popups be customized?

The newsletter popups adapt to your website in terms of color, font and type of communication.

Do newsletter pop-ups work on mobile devices?

The newsletter popups are also compatible on mobile devices with small screens and thus reach a larger number of website visitors.

Do newsletter pop-ups work across devices?

The technology takes into account the customer journey across the various devices of your end customers - even for guest and new customers.

Do newsletter pop-ups work independently of the operating system and browser?

The newsletter popups work on all operating systems and browsers.

How is the success of newsletter popups measured?

The software recognizes that the website visitor is interested in the products but is not yet ready to buy and displays a newsletter popup that suits the situation. If the visitor leaves their data and confirms the double opt-in, we push the generated lead to the favorite email marketing tool and calculate the agreed lead price. 

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  • Fair pricing: You decide which pricing model suits you - success-based or monthly flat-fee.
  • Fast integration: Even people without programming skills can do the integration quickly and easily in just 30 minutes.
  • Experience successes live: With our individual live dashboard you always have a transparent overview of the recovery of your customers (eg number, revenue, countries, language etc.).

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