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Reduce abandonment rate

Your visitors leave the website without placing an order? Use personalized exit intent pop-ups and service emails to get more orders.

Reduce bounce rate. Maximize recovery rate by 70%.

  • decrease bounce rate
  • decrease bounce rate


Why you should reduce the abandonment rate

success rate

Cart abandoners have already demonstrated product interest and a high probability of purchase.


The recovery of cart abandoners is much cheaper compared to new customer acquisition.

customer loyalty

By establishing contact with cart abandoners, it is possible to convert new and occasional customers into frequently recurring existing customers.

"With uptain, we have been able to turn over 30% of cart abandoners into customers. A simple and personal way to attract and retain customers' loyalty to the brand. "

With uptain, we have been able to improve our conversion rate by 21% and cutting advertising costs by 15%."

"By using Activation-Popups and Abandonment-Mails, we recapture on average about 31% of the cart abandoners, which results in a significant increase in sales for us."

"Thanks to the Plugin, the solution was live in just a few minutes, and since then, the intelligent solution has led to happier customers and a higher conversion rate."

Solutions for the recovery of abandoners

With uptain, you will regain about 30% of your shopping cart abandoners - smart and unobtrusive.


With the Activation Popups, you automatically help cart abandoners to complete the purchasing process. Shortly before leaving the website, a personalized exit-intent popup will appear, which will respond individually to the abandoner.


With the Abandonment-Mails, you automatically send personalized service e-mails to customers who put something into the shopping cart but do not complete the purchase successfully. Relevant content helps customers continue shopping.

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Use uptain to reduce the abandonment rate

Intelligent Segmentation

Based on the processed data, the uptain® ALGORITHM segments the individual website visitors. As a result, you can enable customer-centered communication based on the individual problems of your customers.

Service Communication

With a clear focus on personalized communication as a service (contrary to advertising), website visitors solve certain problems on their own.

Situationally appropriate addressing

Depending on the situation, user and channel, individual content is displayed. These support your visitors as best as possible in the further purchasing process and prevent them from becoming abandoners.

Shopping Cart Abandonment - the Unattended Potential


Humans Vs. Machines



Case Study


Case Study

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  • Fair pricing: You decide which pricing model suits you - success-based or monthly flat-fee.
  • Fast integration: Even people without programming skills can do the integration quickly and easily in just 30 minutes.
  • Experience successes live: With our individual live dashboard you always have a transparent overview of the recovery of your customers (eg number, revenue, countries, language etc.).

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