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Attractive software for conversion optimization seeks e-commerce partner for life.

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One platform for increasing shop-performance

uptain is an intelligent software tool that meets all needs of shop visitors. From AI recommendations to individual, situationally appropriate messages and e-mails.

Save big and get more done

uptain makes it easy for any agency to use a highly effective and state-of-the-art tool at the customer’s site to achieve direct successwithout design- and IT resources.

Extensive support and consultation

uptain is not just a software, but also first-class service, extensive consulting and training with a dedicated industry expert

All In One Conversion Tool For Everything You Need

The uptain® ALGORITHM uses intelligent data processing, big data benchmarks and automated A/B tests to intelligently segment online shop visitors, better understand shopping abandonments and convert more visitors into customers. This all-in-one technology takes care of the holistic conversion rate optimization in a completely automated way by supporting each user in his shopping process with individually customized and situationally appropriate content.

Configuration in a few minutes, extensive support

After the 5-minute integration with one of our plugins, our step-by-step guide will guide you through the simple configuration. With our industry-specific recommendations, best practices and pre-set templates optimized by the uptain® ALGORITHM, uptain can be configured within minutes even without design and IT knowledge. But uptain is not only great software, it is also free 24/7 support and consulting if you are not sure how to achieve your goals best.

„Thanks to the plugin, the solution was live in a few minutes. Since then, the intelligent control of the messages has led to more satisfied customers and a higher conversion rate.“

Daniel Lopacki

E-Commerce Manager, Microscooter

Revenue share

Be rewarded for bringing new business to uptain.


Joint onboarding with the customer or hand it over to our industry experts

Early Access

Early access for new products and features and free lifetime access to our content


Get an overview of your customers’ successes at any time with individual partner dashboards.


Secure data management, encrypted data transmission and compliant with all GDPR guidelines.

Joint marketing

Benefit from our e-commerce coverage to strengthen your brand awareness.

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