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24.03.20, Diego Delbosque

People have changed needs in times of crisis. Online merchants should therefore react as quickly as possible in an agile manner to such changes.

11.03.20, Diego Delbosque

Are you annoyed about the shopping cart abandonments in your online shop? This guide tells you everything there is to know about cart abandoners.


20.02.20, Jan Loeper

Welcome to uptain! With this documentation you can comfortably work through each necessary step in under 30 minutes!


18.02.20, Diego Delbosque

There is only one target group with which online shops use vouchers profitably: Price-sensitive shopping cart abandoners. How online shops make the best use of vouchers.


04.02.20, Diego Delbosque

Do you want to reduce the shopping cart abandonments in your online shop? A good understanding for the reasons for shopping cart abandonments is the basis for that.


16.01.20, Diego Delbosque

Convert unknown visitors into known newsletter subscribers and ultimately into paying customers – but how?


02.01.20, Diego Delbosque

As a company based in Hamburg, uptain has a special relationship with the city of Flensburg. A short report on our visits to the city on the Fjord.


13.12.19, Diego Delbosque

Since e-mail addresses fall under personal data, the GDPR touches on abandonment-mails in the same way as newsletter-mails. But what is the interaction between previous legal provisions and the GDPR with regard to abandonment-mails?


29.11.19, Diego Delbosque

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) represents the holistic customer value. With this step-by-step guide, you can measure and increase it.


15.11.19, Diego Delbosque

Exit Intent Popups are the means of choice when it comes to conversion optimization without limiting the user experience (UX). How the Exit Intent technology is optimally used.


25.10.19, Diego Delbosque

High-revenue phases are far more than just short-term sales increases. How online shops use phases of increased demand to grow sustainably.


11.10.19, Diego Delbosque

What happens when the solutions of two e-commerce providers complement each other perfectly? That’s right! Conversion increases and the customer journey is raised to a new level.


27.09.19, Diego Delbosque

Everybody's upset about the Buzzword chaos. Why doesn't it stop? As part of the branch, we take a look at ourself.


12.09.19, Diego Delbosque

We love our new office. For various reasons.


22.08.19, Harald Neuner

EU Directive PSD2: Conversion killer for online shops? Exit-intent pop-ups and personalized emails from uptaining as an effective measure against shopping cart abandoners.


16.08.19, Jan Loeper

myRobotcenter serves as an exponentially growing international market with the "21st century living style". With the help of uptain, the company what to increase performance and reduce costs.


30.07.19, Harald Neuner

Shopping cart abandonment significantly reduces the customer value. However, this is not the only reason for focusing on the shopping cart abandonments.


15.07.19, Diego Delbosque

What the peak-end rule from psychology means for e-commerce and how online shops take advantage of the effects.


14.06.19, Diego Delbosque

Trust is elementary for the success of an online shop. The „Integrative Model of Organizational Trust“ provides shop operators with a tool for a sustainable understanding of customer trust.


14.05.19, Diego Delbosque

On 7 May 2019 OMR Side Event took place. In our freshly moved office we experienced an unforgettable evening with our guests.


04/17/19, Diego Delbosque

Easter is being commercialized and is talking about a second Christmas. But despite this development, there is no reason for the critics to panic.


14.03.19, Julian Craemer

Too often there is the talk of a duel between human and machine. Let us say goodbye to this idea and look at the strengths of the alleged opponents in e-commerce.


02.01.19, Jan Loeper

Every shop visitor knows it: site operators try to communicate with customers in different ways. Nevertheless, such communication will often fail their target because they are perceived as annoyance factors.


03.11.18, Harald Neuner

Shopping cart abandons require a multi-dimensional view in order to develop the right understanding of it. Lost customers can only be considered successfully by taking account of all factors affecting the shopping abandonment.


20.06.18, Harald Neuner

What happens when a world event meets the upright® ALGORITHM? The Success Story of 11Friends Shops for the 2018 World Cup gives the answer.