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Customer Lifetime Value Toolkit

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) determines the true customer value through a holistic view and is a suitable tool for online retailers to increase the efficiency of their own marketing measures. Both past and future income and expenditure are taken into account. In this way, the CLV indicates a customer…

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    Shopping Cart Abandonment: Offsite Optimisation

    If an online shop decides to prevent cart abandonment, it is addressing a customer group with a very high purchase probability. But be careful: hasty measures should be avoided. A well thought-out approach that focuses on the individual customer and his or her needs has proven to be particularly promising.…

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    Use High Selling Seasons & Build Sustainable Growth

    The time with the highest turnover is just around the corner and everywhere you hear tips on how best to make your online shop fit for the Christmas business. For online shops, the period between Black Friday and Christmas means the biggest rush of customers of the year. Even though…

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    Shopping Cart Abandonment - the Unattended Potential

    Around 70 % of all visitors to an online shop who place items in the shopping basket abandon their purchase. This creates huge potential for shop operators, as one of the most important goals of any online shop is to get as many visitors as possible to successfully complete their…

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    Shopping Cart Abandonment: Onsite Optimisation

    In order to get the full potential out of the recovery of shopping cart abandoners, an interplay of offsite and onsite solutions is recommended. In this way, up to 30% of shopping cart abandonments can be prevented. Onsite solutions become active even before a shopping cart abandonment has taken place.…

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    Reduce Annoyance Factors in E-Commerce and Increase Revenue

    In e-commerce, there are numerous stumbling blocks that shop operators can stumble over. Rightly annoyed customers and a declining conversion rate are the result. In times of growing competition and strong rivalry, annoying factors that have a negative impact on conversion are serious.

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    Humans vs. Machines - Discover Trends And Act Upon Them

    Who works better: man or machine? Whatever the answer, it leads to a decision that does not correspond to reality. Both components can do a better job in different areas. Nevertheless, machines cannot replace humans, but only support them.

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    Abandonment Reasons: Complex But Predictable

    Why do visitors abandon their purchase even though they put products in the shopping basket and obviously want to buy? The annoying thing about abandoned purchases is that an online shop has usually already spent a significant marketing budget on these potential customers and still loses them shortly before the…

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    Regaining of Lost Customers: Cart Abandonment in 3 Dimensions

    Around 70% of visitors to a website put products in their shopping cart without buying them. To solve the problem, you need to understand why and under what circumstances exactly these customers become shopping cart abandoners. Learn how to get the maximum potential out of your online shop with the…