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Stop The Water expands its Community with uptain

STWWUM is looking for a way to get more users to subscribe to a newsletter without disrupting their shopping experience. The result: build up existing customers, increase customer value, more quality newsletter subscribers, important insights about the target group.

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    diy online shop
    baumarkt-deutschland reduces abandonment rate by 33%
    The company wants to meet the expectations of its new target groups. The result: Reducing Abandonment Rate by 33%, Improving Buying Experience for New and Existing Customers, Increase in Conversion Rate for first-time Visitors.
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    how to success in ecommerce
    DeinDesign boosts new Customer Acquisition by +15%
    The company is looking for a performance-enhancing solution that will convince customers before they abandon a purchase and generate new customers. Result: +15% New Customer Acquisition, Long-term increase in Existing Customers, Effective analyses through Live Dashboard.
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    service popups
    Skapetze reaches a Conversion Rate of 35% for Service Popups
    Skapetze is looking for ways to better promote the services it offers and to integrate more services into the online shop to best support its customers. The result: +100% Newsletter Subscribers, 30% Conversion Rate Increase, Positive Customer Feedback, Relief for the Service Team.
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    conversions success story
    The Futura Shop generates a high 4-digit Turnover per month through uptain
    Due to the acute situation of a pest infestation, there is an increasing tendency among the target group to buy pest control products in the nearest DIY store. For this reason, the Futura-Shop intends to convince the shopping cart abandoners to buy online after all. Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment by…
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    increase orders
    Alpha Industries increase Orders by 10%
    The company is looking for technical solutions that increase sales and establish the online shop stronger among the desired target group. The results: Growth of Newsletter Subscribers through Newsletter Popups by 20% compared to the normal Newsletter Form on the website, Increase in Orders by 10%, Increase in Newsletter Open…
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    success story ecommerce sofa
    FEYDOM increases Conversion Rate by +25% with uptain
    Compared to other products, the traffic for suppliers of high-priced sofas is rather low. For this reason, visitors should be optimally supported in the buying process and ideally be motivated to make a purchase. The results: 25 % Conversion Rate increase since uptain, 40% Conversion Rate for abandoned cart emails,…
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    success story conversions
    Wacholder Express doubles orders without extra effort
    The company was looking for an easy-to-use strategic tool to support its strong growth. At the same time, the tool should adapt the expertise and experience from the local business to the online shop. The results: 25% conversion rate of exit-intent popups, 70% conversion rate of abandoned cart emails, 100%…
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    Success Story: 11FREUNDE Shop achieves 10 x return
    10x Return on Investment achieved by the 11FREUNDE store with uptain
    Against the background of the World Cup 2018, the 11FREUNDE store was looking for ways to convert the increasing traffic effectively and to retain customers. The results: 10x Return on Investment, 10k additional revenue in €, 39% Mobile Conversion, 17% Desktop Conversion, 35% Regain Ratio for abandoned cart emails.
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    Success Story: MyRobotCENTER increases Conversion Rate by 21 %
    myRobotcenter increases Conversion Rate by +21%
    The company is looking for an onsite tool that increases the conversion rate across all countries without annoying the visitors. More than 400,000 monthly sessions are to be used optimally. The results: 21% conversion rate increase, 15% reduction in advertising costs, positive customer feedback, onsite optimization without annoying factors.