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The uptain® ALGORITHM

The invisible heart of our shopping cart abandonment software.

“How can we combine the strengths of an outstanding in-store salesperson with the possibilities of modern e-commerce while taking into account the ever scarce resources of an online retailer?”

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This is how the uptain® ALGORITHMUS works in your online shop.

Watch the short explanatory video and see for yourself!

Key features of our algorithm

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How does it look like in practice?

  • Kaufabbrüche verhindern mit Exit Intent Popups für Shopware

    Exit-Intent Popups

    When will a cart abandonment happen and with which popup can it be prevented? The algorithm finds the right answer for each abandoner individually and automatically.

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  • Shopware Mails nach Kaufabbruch mit Abbrecher-Mails

    Abandoned Cart Emails

    Communication works best when it is tailored to the addressee. Therefore the algorithm adapts the address & tonality of each e-mail to the characteristics of the recipient.

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  • Newsletter Popups für Shopware inkl. Double Optin

    Newsletter Popups

    A newsletter subscription is often a unique opportunity. Here, the algorithm chooses the most suitable moment and the most convincing argument for success.

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Use Case uptain® ALGORITHM

The uptain plugin registers that a user enters your online shop via a price comparison site.

The uptain® ALGORITHM interprets the existing data points and assigns the user to a segment.

At the moment of cart abandonment, the uptain® ALGORITHM selects the popup with the highest probability of success.

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