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The uptain® ALGORITHM

Segment visitors intelligently.
Better understand a cart abandoner.

Submit relevant messages to shopping cart abandoners that bring them back into the shopping process. The uptain® ALGORITHM permanently processes millions of data points and takes a multitude of influencing factors into account in order to understand each and every single abandoner best.

Optimize the recovery of cart abandoners based on smart computing, big data benchmarks, and automated A / B testing.

Your benefits

The uptain® ALGORITHM specializes in the recovery of shopping cart abandoners.

Individual communication

Recover abandoners with personalized content and tonality customized to the user.

Real-time data processing

Respond to ever-changing customer needs with fast and accurate real-time analytics.

Cross-shop optimization

Through cross-shop A/B tests with anonymized data of all our customers, the uptain® ALGORITHM continuously optimizes and performs even better on your website.


uptain relieves you of the routine and gives you the time you need for other tasks.

Intelligent triggering

Cart abandoners get the information they need at the right time, with uptain placing a lot of emphasis on unobtrusive contact.


uptain examines the behavior of the website visitors and recognizes, for example, by means of tab and app changes, the scrolling behavior, the back button and the mouse pointer movement, that a visitor is about to leave the website - without having bought. Shortly before leaving the website, an activation pop-up is displayed to the visitor, which helps him in the best possible way and prevents the purchase from being canceled.


uptain recognizes that a visitor to your website puts something in the shopping cart - but does not buy within a period of time. At the end of the waiting period, uptain will send an abandonment mail to give the best possible support and to bring the visitor back into the purchasing process.

Intelligent segmentation

It processes both web page information and visitor- and environment data to automatically segment your customers.

Determine characteristics

Using complex data, the uptain® ALGORITHM determines all information that influences the purchase, eg. age, technical affinity and online shopping experience.

If a visitor uses a Gmail account, this information speaks for a young age. On the other hand, a visitor with a t-online e-mail address and a pre-installed browser is probably older and not technically affine.

Detect abandonment reason

In the next step, the uptain® ALGORITHM calculates the reasons for the abandonment and distinguishes, for example, between customers in need of service and price-sensitive customers.

It speaks for price sensitivity when a younger visitor reffers from a price comparison portal and has been on the website for a while. On the other hand, there is a need for service when a visitor has no technical affinity and is a little older.

Personalized message

Based on the abandonment reasons, the uptain® ALGORITHM generates individual content that addresses the problems of the abandoner and supports it as best as possible.

Depending on the abandonment reason and website visitors, a distinction is made between shopping cart reminder and telephone-, WhatsApp- and e-mail service. For particularly price-sensitive customers it is also possible to play individual vouchers depending on the value of the shopping basket.

You set the rules

The uptain® ALGORITHM adapts to your website. The adjustments can be edited anytime through our easy-to-use live dashboard.

Scale of discount

You set the conditions for displaying vouchers. Individual discount scales can be displayed depending on the customer (inventory, guest and new customer) and shopping cart value (eg 10% discount from 100 €).


You decide what information is displayed to the cart abandoner. Adjust channels (telephone, whatsapp, e-mail), times (eg by phone Mon-Fri 9-18 o'clock) and, if necessary, the name of the contact person with just a few clicks.

Corporate identity

For a harmonious overall picture, our solutions adapt to your website in terms of design (color and font), tonality (eg factual and heartful) and language.