Onlineshop Warenkorbabbrecher zurückgewinnen

why uptain

Recover shopping cart abandoners easily

Abandonment rates of 80% are not uncommon in e-commerce, but they are also not a must. Win back shopping cart abandoners with emails and catapult your online shop forward.

You are in good company

More than 450 satisfied online merchants use uptain. Become part of it.

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Shopping cart abandonment – what is there to consider?

Warenkorbabbrecher zurückgewinnen und Abbruchgründe erkennen
Warenkorbabbrecher reduzieren Zeitpunkt für Emails
Warenkorbabbrecher zurückgewinnen Conversions messen

Recovering shopping cart abandoners generates many advantages

  • Warenkorbabbrecher zurückgewinnen und Kundenbindung stärken

    Create a strong bond

    Convert shopping cart abandoners into customers at all costs to keep up with the competition even in tough times.

  • Warenkorbabbrecher zurückgewinnen Umsatz im Onlineshop steigern

    More revenue without effort

    Once implemented, abandoned cart emails permanently deliver more sales without you having to do anything.

  • Warenkorbabbrecher zurückgewinnen positives Kundenfeedback

    Extremely valuable customer feedback

    Cleverly formulated emails provide valuable customer feedback with which you can sustainably reduce your abandonment rate.

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