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Consideration of the GDPR

You can use our solutions in accordance with national and European privacy policies. In addition, uptain ensures data security through secure data management, encrypted data transmission and the server location Germany.

data protection

We are happy to assist you in using our solutions in complete compliance with GDPR.

Order processing / DSGVO

uptain acts as an order processor for you. As a result, uptain is not "third party" in the sense of the data protection laws (including GDPR) and may therefore process personal data for you.

Legal e-mail delivery

E-mails are only sent to customers who have given a corresponding double opt-in (DOI) or are covered by § 7 (3) UWG. uptain uses only the personal data transmitted by our customers (eg e-mail addresses).

right to object

According to Art. 21 GDPR, users have the option of terminating the processing of their personal data even after prior consent. We provide an exemplary data protection text with opt-out function.

data security

We attach great importance to the security of your data.

Secure data management

The servers used are furnished according to current security standards and protect all data against unauthorized access.

Encrypted data transmission

The transfer of all data from the online shop to the servers used is always encrypted using randomized IDs.

Server location Germany

The servers used are located in Frankfurt and are therefore subject to the security and data protection laws in Germany.

Information sheet from the Händlerbund

In corporation with our partner, HÄNDLERBUND, we developed an info sheet regarding reaching out to shopping cart abandoners via E-mail.