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Python Meetuptain

TUE, SEPTEMBER 24th, 2019 from 7pm


PyLadies: Python profiling tools by Alisa Dammer

Python Although quite powerful language is not the fastest there, it often comes to improving the code. But how do you know where are the bottle necks? Profiling tools can answer this question. These are the terms used to describe the python and language agnostic tools

Alisa is a machine learning engineer at high speed.

PyHamburg: Introduction to Kivy by Frank T. Maas

Frank is developing a solution for marketing automation. For this project he has chosen to use the python library for the GUI. Kivy supports what the user expects today from usage and style. Frank wants to give a brief introduction to kivy and wants to show how GUI elements could be a runtime.

Frank is a Data Solution Engineer. He is doing this job at the FUNKE Media Group.


More Hamburg is not possible

The location of the Meetuptain is in the heart of the city on the Hamburg neighborhood.

Meetuptain | PUGHH meets PyLadies

Save the Date! On Tuesday evening, September 24th, 2019 we invite you to our next Meetuptain of a special child. Python User Group and PyLadies Hamburg.

In our new office in the heart of the city - at the Hamburger neighborhood you can expect interesting talks, nice drinks, finger food and interesting guests, the evening will be off with good music and more drinks


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