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Recover shopping cart abandoners with personalized Abandonment-Mails.

Situationally suitable and individually depending on the abandonment reason.

Reactivate the cart abandoner. Increase conversion rate.

  • email retargeting
  • email remarketing
  • cart breaker mail
  • cart breaker mailing
  • email retargeting
  • email remarketing
  • cart breaker mail
  • cart breaker mailing

abandoned cart email


uptain uses real-time data processing to quickly and effectively respond to cart abandonments.

An existing customer has logged into your online shop, reviews some products and put something in the shopping cart.

The uptain® ALGORITHM recognizes that the customer leaves the page and segments him using tracked data points.

Afterward, the customer receives an Abandonment-Mail, which is tailored to him precisely through intelligent segmentation and brings him back to the online shop.

Optimize the recovery of cart abandoners based on smart computing, big data benchmarks, and automated A / B testing.

"By use of uptain, we were able to turn 30% of lost customers into buying customers. A simple and personal way to attract and retain customers. "


"With uptain, we were able to improve our conversion rate by 21% and cutting advertising costs by 15%."

Using Activation-Popups and Abandonment-Mails, we recapture on average about 31% of the abandoners, which results in a significant increase in sales for us."

"Thanks to the plugin, the solution was live in just a few minutes. Since then, smart metering leads to happier customers and a higher conversion rate. "

Your benefits

With uptain you can use the traffic on your website from the first minute to perform better.

Conversion Optimization

Boost your conversion rate without much effort by recovering approximately 30% of your cart abandoners automatically.

More satisfied customers

Achieve particularly high response rates and long-term customer loyalty with our individually customized and service-oriented customer communication.

Up to 10% increase in sales

With the help of our solutions, you can increase your sales sustainably by up to 10%.

Strengthen customer experience

Strengthen the customer experience with Abandonment-Mails and help your customers buy.

Intelligent service mails

Based on visitor behavior, uptain calculates what is the most likely reason for the abandonment and automatically send an appropriate service e-mail to the shopping cart abandoners.

Personalized Content

Depending on the website visitors and the reason for abandonment, a distinction is made between individual vouchers, shopping cart reminders and automated assistance.

Optimized Communication

Each individual e-mail is optimized according to time, form of address, content, etc.

Cross-Device Tracking

Our technologies take the customer journey across the various devices of your end customers into account - including new and existing customers.


Benefit from our templates and forms of communication. Optimized by our uptain algorithm with the help of anonymous, cross-shop data analyses and automatic A/B tests. You only define the rules of the optimization. Easily define your own conditions and corporate identity in your personal live dashboard.


Case Study

Cart Abandonment in 3 Dimensions


Humans Vs. Machines


Revenue Potential: Shopping Cart Abandonment



  • Fair pricing: You decide which pricing model suits you - success-based or monthly flat-fee.
  • Fast integration: Even people without programming skills can do the integration quickly and easily in just 30 minutes.
  • Experience successes live: With our individual live dashboard you always have a transparent overview of the recovery of your customers (eg number, revenue, countries, language etc.).

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