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Recovery of Abandonment in B2B

Use the sales potential of the shopping cart abandoners for your B2B online shop. With our intelligent solutions, you can recapture abandoners and achieve a lasting customer loyalty - without annoying and with absolute customer orientation.

  • decrease bounce rate
  • decrease bounce rate

Increase your conversion rate by up to 70%.

Recognize reasons for abandonment with uptain and recover shopping cart abandoners - smart and unobtrusive. NEW: Collect email addresses of your interested visitors and generate leads with our Slide-Ins.


With the Activation Popups, you automatically help cart abandoners to complete the purchasing process. Shortly before leaving the website, a personalized exit-intent popup will appear, which will respond individually to the abandoner.


With the Abandonment-Mails, you automatically send personalized service e-mails to customers who put something into the shopping cart but do not complete the purchase successfully. Relevant content helps customers continue shopping.


With our intelligent solution you can automatically and unobtrusively convert your interested and unknown visitors into email subscribers and customers. High conversion rates thanks to the right approach at the right time - even without a voucher.

"With uptain, we have been able to turn over 30% of cart abandoners into customers. A simple and personal way to attract and retain customers' loyalty to the brand. "


„With uptain we were able to improve our conversion rate by 21% and reduce advertising costs by 15%.“

„With uptain-Activation and uptain-Mails we win back an average of around 31% of the purchase dropouts. This results in a significant turnover increase for us.“

„Thanks to the plugin, the solution was live in a few minutes. Since then, the intelligent control of the messages has led to more satisfied customers and a higher conversion rate.“

„Thanks to the plugin, the solution was live in a few minutes. Since then, the intelligent control of the messages has led to more satisfied customers and a higher conversion rate.“

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Make an appointment with us for a web demo. Our industry experts will show you the uptain solutions live and answer your individual questions. In this way, you can immediately see how uptain is exploiting the sales potential of your shop.

Your benefits

With the use of uptain, B2B shops achieve better performance – with a simultaneous increase in customer centricity.

Sustainable customer loyalty

Achieve particularly high response rates and long-term customer loyalty with our individually customized and service-oriented customer communication.

Connection to infrastructure

Our technology can be perfectly combined with your corporate structure (CRM tools, merchandise management systems, analysis tools, etc.). Thus, you take the responsibilities of individual sales employees and the history of your existing customers into account.

Personal customer care

Make it clear to your customers that they are valued, with personalized content and appropriate tonality.

Conversion Optimization

Use the available traffic and reduce your shopping cart cancellations by up to 30%.

Increase in Revenue

With the help of our solutions, you can increase your sales sustainably by up to 10%.

Relieving the IT

Our solutions adapt effortlessly to your corporate design - without IT or design knowledge.

The uptain® ALGORITHM

Segment visitors intelligently. Better understand a cart abandoner.

Optimize the recovery of cart abandoners based on smart computing, big data benchmarks, and automated A / B testing. More…

Cart Abandonment in 3 Dimensions



Case Study

Humans Vs. Machines


Shopping Cart Abandonment - the Unattended Potential




The address orientates consequently on customer needs and changes according to the website visitor and the cart abandonment reason.


Tonality and way of communicating of our solution aligns with the established B2B communication.


For a fitting appearance our templates adjust to your website, to not harm your visitors trust.


uptain-Activation not only compatible to mobile devices, but also adjusts to the specific needs of mobile users.


Our technologies consider the different customer journeys on different devices for your existing and new customers.

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  • Fair pricing: You decide which pricing model suits you - success-based or monthly flat-fee.
  • Fast integration: Even people without programming skills can do the integration quickly and easily in just 30 minutes.
  • Experience successes live: With our individual live dashboard you always have a transparent overview of the recovery of your customers (eg number, revenue, countries, language etc.).

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