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Humans vs. Machines – Discover Trends And Act Upon Them


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How man and machine are perfectly coordinated

What advantages and disadvantages both components bring with them

Why machines are crucial for your competitive advantage

Why we should speak of duet and not duel

How machines make everyday e-commerce easier

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Humans vs. Machines

Artificial intelligence, big data, data-driven marketing: the rapid development of technology is also raising debates in e-commerce about the opportunities and risks of machines. Online merchants with small to medium-sized online shops quickly lose track of this. But instead of not dealing with the topic at all, a strategy should be developed that includes current and future technologies.


What to do with the Data?

Did you know that the global data sphere is expected to increase from 33 zettabytes (2018) to 175 zettabytes (2025)? However, many companies do not even begin to exploit this enormous potential. The large amount of data that needs to be collected, organised and used sensibly is too complicated. The number of data sources that are now available is too large. Around 40% of companies, for example, consider the use of data to develop personalised real-time experiences to be difficult to implement. A mistake: When it comes to intelligent real-time data processing, machines do an excellent job and liberate humans from boring, routine tasks.


Machines do what we can’t

In many areas of e-commerce, machines provide crucial advantages: Chatbots, digital assistants or personalisation through intelligent data processing. In many areas, machines do what humans are unable to do:


  • Machines recognise relevant data that comes from a wide variety of data sources.
  • Machines determine the exact needs and motives of users.
  • Machines make efficient decisions with the help of intelligent data processing.
  • Machines are the answer to dynamic buyer behaviour.


How Online Merchants benefit from New Technologies

You want to know what exactly the symbiosis between humans and machines in e-commerce should look like and why online merchants are losing the chance to gain a significant competitive advantage? The e-book “Humans vs Machines” gives answers to these questions.

Humans vs. Machines – Discover Trends And Act Upon Them

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