Stop The Water expands its Community with uptain

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  • STWWUM "Stop The Water While Using Me" has been a pioneer in sustainable natural cosmetics for body, face and hair for over 10 years. With its innovative waterless products, the company has set a lasting trend. The products are available in more than 30 countries, are distributed via the company's own online shop and enjoy great popularity in the hotel market.
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    Challenge The company is looking for a way to get more newsletter subscribers without annoying their shopping experience. This will help to expand and strengthen their own community.
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    Approach Newsletter popups for desktop and mobile devices that use customised incentives and an unobtrusive approach to generate quality newsletter subscribers without annoying the visitor.
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    Results Build up existing customers, Increase customer value, More quality newsletter subscribers, Important insights about the target group.

About Stop The Water While Using Me

Beauty care, environmental protection and social commitment: “Stop The Water While Using Me” combines all of these. Founded in 2011, the company is committed to protecting our planet’s most precious resource: water. With waterless cosmetic products, natural ingredients and an environmentally friendly refill system, it tries to do its part to protect the environment and water. At the same time, “Stop The Water While Using Me” is engaged in the social sphere by donating 1% of the income to its own so-called Good Water Projects for clean drinking water.

In order to do justice to the task of protecting the environment and water, “Stop The Water While Using Me” primarily relies on its own community. The community does not only want to buy sustainable products, but also to be informed about various topics: be it products, social projects or developments in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

Jan Loeper
Since activism and education are part of our identity, our content and especially our newsletter is very important. The primary aim is not necessarily to market our products, but to inform our community about the latest developments in environmental protection and sustainability and to stay in constant contact.
Digital Lead
Digital Lead
Jan Loeper
Since activism and education are part of our identity, our content and especially our newsletter is very important. The primary aim is not necessarily to market our products, but to inform our community about the latest developments in environmental protection and sustainability and to stay in constant contact.


The company launches a number of campaigns to draw attention to itself and its concerns. In this way, it gains new customers and fellow campaigners. Another important focus is on existing customers.

With its own newsletter, the company keeps in touch with its community and at the same time provides them with relevant information. So far, newsletter subscribers have been acquired mainly through a newsletter form on the company’s own website. But by far not every potentially interested person becomes aware of the newsletter. In addition, the form only asks for the email address, which makes it difficult to personalise email marketing.

So the goal is to gain more newsletter subscribers with new methods. At the same time, the company wants to receive more insights about the subscribers by asking for more than just the email address. The company wants to avoid annoying visitors with requests for a newsletter subscription. Furthermore, much importance is attached to data protection.


  • Expanding the email list
  • Build up existing customers through newsletters
  • No annoying enquiries
  • Data protection compliance
  • Insights through extended information

We quickly noticed that our community was very interested in our newsletters and asked ourselves how we could reach more people with less effort. Up to now, interested people mainly registered through a newsletter form in the footer of our website. uptain seemed to be the right solution for our problem with its smart newsletter popups.

– Jan Loeper, Digital Lead STWWUM


“Stop The Water While Using Me” chooses uptain because of the smart and automated newsletter popups. Our promise is and was: With uptain, significantly more qualitative newsletter subscribers can be generated without much effort – in compliance with the GDPR.


1. Cross-device newsletter popups

In order to include the many mobile visitors in the newsletter marketing, the online shop decides to use both desktop and mobile versions of the newsletter popups. These are each based on their own logic, as visitor behaviour differs greatly depending on the device used.


2. Individual incentives

By no means does the company want to display vouchers randomly in order to convince visitors to subscribe to the newsletter. Rather, the user with his or her needs should be in the focus. For this reason, it is chosen to let the uptain® ALGORITHM decide which incentive is most likely to convince the individual visitor to subscribe to the newsletter: vouchers versus FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).


3. Unobtrusive approach to contact

From the very beginning, it was clear that the visitor should not be disturbed in his shopping experience. That is why the online shop excludes the start page first. Accordingly, the newsletter popups only appear when user engagement is higher. To make contact even more discreet, the online shop also decides on a fold-out slide-in at the bottom of the display. The integrated frequency capping and the recognition of existing newsletter subscribers also prevent the visitor from being unnecessarily annoyed.


4. Insights through extended optional data

For further personalisation of the email marketing, the online shop would like to ask for further relevant information, such as gender or date of birth, in addition to the legally compliant collection of the email address. With a few clicks, the input fields are integrated into the newsletter popups. Thus, uptain also helps the company to get to know its own community better.

Sounds cool? Get even better results!


After a simple integration, the newsletter popups were ready for use. Quickly, the company was able to see that by using uptain, it could automatically expand and strengthen its own community – without any negative impact on the customer experience. This has a direct influence on the long-term increase in revenue, because with the strengthening of the community, the customer value also increases.

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