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Author: Haydar Yuece // 5min

Customers have high expectations of an online store today. As an online merchant, you have a wide range of options to meet these expectations. One of them is the personalized customer approach. Personalization and individualization can be implemented on all channels in online marketing.

If you don’t take the step now to break up the relatively rigid systems and personalize the customer approach, you will lose customers to the competition in the long term. When it comes to professional implementation, modern technology supports personalization – and reduces effort, time and costs in the process.

The challenges of customer communication

Email, social media, live chats, telephone consultation – online shops have diverse ways customers can get in touch and be reachable on their part. An advantage that can nevertheless quickly become a challenge, because questions rapidly arise:

  • How does interaction with customers work in the various ways?
  • What needs to be taken into account when addressing customers?
  • What is the best way to address customers?

The key: personalization oriented to your target group

75% of customers are happy when a company uses their preferred communication channels. Do you know your target group’s preferred ways to contact you? Then you can optimize these sustainably and efficiently with a personalized customer approach, as well as gradually expanding other options at the same time. Focus on the most important ones first and implement other options step by step.

Better yet, you’ll immediately earn bonus points if you address your customers’ preferences with a personalized customer approach. This not only brings the online shops sales, but also new customers and promotes long-term customer loyalty. As a rule, companies that express their appreciation with thoughtful personalization via email or message are significantly more likely to be recommended to friends and family.

What happens without an individual customer approach?

There is also the other side of the coin. If you fail to convince with a personalized customer approach, customers will clearly show you that without any detours. 41% will punish you by unsubscribing from your communication services like your newsletter.

It stands to reason that the intention to buy will drop to a minimum and a revisit to your online shop will also be in question: 19% of those surveyed would break off the business relationship.

personalised customer approach

What does your target group really want?

A personalized customer approach only succeeds if you know what your target group really wants. This starts with the choice of communication channel and continues with the question of which approach and tone of voice (factual, cordial, hip) is preferred.

The following information helps to get some initial inspiration:

  • More than half of customers would like to be able to determine for themselves the way in which a company reaches them.
  • The same applies to the time of day.
  • Younger generations want a personalized customer approach on multiple channels.
  • However, personalized communication also plays a key role among older generations.
  • Personalized advertising/sales messages are particularly well received by the middle age group.
  • If young target groups have bad experiences in terms of communication and a personalized customer approach is lacking, they tend to draw consequences quickly.


Around 40% of middle-aged customers have already made a purchase once because a company communicated with them in the right way. In combination with a personal customer approach, this is an unbeatable tool for your online marketing.

How does personalised customer approach work?

To prevent you from being one of those online shops where 94% of customers are annoyed by the wrong communication, on the wrong channel and the wrong approach, we want to give you some food for thought.

  • Always address your customers individually.
  • Offer different ways of reaching them.
  • Use individual and preferred communication channels.
  • Surprise customers with relevant content. More than half of consumers are annoyed by content that is irrelevant to them.
  • Create added value with a personalized customer approach.

Personalized customer approach with smart technology

Your customers show you how important a personalized customer approach is. It pays to strive for personalization in the long term. Intelligent software solutions such as those from uptain help to ensure that this succeeds, in addition to the numerous other requirements.

The personalized customer approach is fully automated according to your target group on several channels such as email and popups. For this purpose, the intelligent uptain® ALGORITHM is used, which decides on a customized customer approach with regard to form of address, tonality, content and timing. Abandoned cart emails, exit-intent popups and newsletter popups are thus perceived as efficient support in the buying process.

Personalized customer approach: reaching your customers

Personalized customer approach is one of your most important ways to really reach customers and turn them into true fans. Reach your customers with the personalized customer approach on the right channel, at the right time and with the right content, and the chance of interaction and a long-term relationship is significantly higher.

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