Easy Integration into any Shop System: First Steps with uptain

uptain online shop conversion plugin integration
Author: Haydar Yuece // 7min

How to get started within minutes

Reading time + Implementation time < 30min.

This documentation will give you an overview of the few and very simple actions you need to take to implement and configure uptain into your online-shop. It will therefore guide you through our integration manuals and your personal login area with very basic settings.

1. Integration

First, please check here if there already is an free uptain-plugin for your shopsystem available. If so, we warmly recommend to use the plugin as this will save you time, IT resources and the data tracked, analyzed and processed will be more reliable. You will also find a corresponding easy step-by-step integration manual by clicking on your shopsystem.

Note: uptain will not affect your website functions or slowing it down. Your general shop performance means the world to us. Therefore, uptain uses asynchronous script loading. That means uptain is processed in parallel to the rest of the page content.

If you have problems or need assistance with the integration please contact our uptain support.

7 minutes passed.

As a second step, please make sure that you registered for a personal uptain account. If not, you can register here or contact our sales team.

Third and last, an uptain ID is required to use the plugin. Your account will be activated after you decided on one of the pricing models and accepted the conditions in your login area: “Settings” >> “Billing”. The most popular payment is our success-based commission model. You can calculate your commission rate for your online-shop right here. We grow when you grow!

3 more minutes passed.

2. Setup uptain

You are now at the point where you have successfully integrated uptain into your online shop. The following steps will give you an overview how your personal login area is structured. At uptain we spent great effort on building the most intelligent conversion optimization tool while making it as easy and time-saving as possible for you.

uptain integration

Once you are done implementing uptain and decided on a pricing model you will be able to find your personal uptain-ID and other useful information such as the exemplary privacy policy text under “Settings” >> “Integration”. It will stay here forever.

When visiting “Settings” >> “Communication Settings” you can choose between different email notifications such as a monthly report or different alerts.

2.1 You define the rules

We warmly recommend to define the rules by which the uptain® ALGORITHM should optimize before activating the different features. Therefore please go to “Settings” >> “Shop Configuration” and follow the instructions underneath. Please also make sure you always read our Explanations, Examples and uptain-Recommendations.

uptain konfiguration bestellabbrecher

Yes, it is that easy and it will not get any harder. Define how uptain should communicate with your customers and simply decide between the pronominal appeal, the contact person and the communication type. Everything in turquoise will be A/B tested and automatically optimized by our uptain® ALGORITHM. SAVE

Please also make sure you always read our Explanations, Examples and uptain-Recommendations.

uptain installieren

Please choose your individual design by editing the elements such as button color, heading color and choose your font. In case your font is not available please simply choose other/manual input and insert your font. On the right you will have some examples of how the different types can be displayed on desktops or mobile devices. SAVE

uptain onlineshop integration

Here, you will give uptain access to your sender email address (e.g. order@testshop.de) necessary for sending intelligent abandoned cart emails, according to the ADV/ADP. Simply fill out the necessary input fields and then “test settings”. SAVE

uptain plugin installieren

In order to make your Abandonment-Mails look unique, you can simply copy+paste your email signature, pictures, tables or even the html-code. SAVE

Please also make sure you always read our Explanations, Examples and uptain-Recommendations.

conversion plug onlineshop

Your customer support is not always occupied. For that reason we give you the chance to edit your service hours – you also can insert a lunch break. SAVE

Please also make sure you always read our Explanations, Examples and uptain-Recommendations.

uptain conversion plugin

Here comes an important feature you should think about for a minute. Vouchers are an important feature to retain and attract customers. Either you upload a list of e.g. 1.000 individual voucher codes OR you create a simple code such as 6HKM86KL you generated in your shopsystem before. A list will have the advantage that uptain displays each code on that list only once, so the voucher code cannot be spread throughout the internet.

This function is optional but gives you the chance to block the function of uptain for your company or stationary computers in your local shop if you are using a fixed IP.

Please also make sure you always read our Explanations, Examples and uptain-Recommendations.

Another 10 minutes passed.

3. Decide on the features

After you have implemented uptain and defined the rules successfully you can now decide on the different features you want the uptain® ALGORITHM to use. We warmly recommend to use all of them in combination but they will have a high impact separately as well. Also it is advisable to start with the basic functions and to optimize them from time to time. The procedure is always the same:

  • Click on the feature you want to use in the the main menu
  • Activate the feature with the corresponding click
  • Choose and add as many variants you want


Let’s run through the Activation-Popups and a variation of a voucher together. Therefore, please “add a setting line” (You can add as many you want) and click on the “ID-0” (You can edit the name of course). It will look as follows:

uptain Integration online shop

First, select the voucher type and whether you want to use a simple voucher code or the previously uploaded voucher list. Second, you can add a footnote that for example says: “Cannot be combined with other coupons” or “Only valid from a shopping cart value of 50€”. Third, put in the value of the voucher code. and choose the corresponding currency. Last but not least you can define custom conditions for that voucher by clicking on that “+”. Here is a list of most popular settings:

  • URL equals, contains or contains not e.g. “cart” (www.testshop.de/cart) or matches Regex
  • Shopping Cart Value less, equals, greater than e.g. 50€


Save and that’s it! Please also make sure you always read our Explanations, Examples and uptain-Recommendations.


Other custom conditions:

  • HTML Element – uptain will check whether your website contains or contains not a specific element (e.g. #add-to-cart-button).
  • Days/Times within/outside the availability – useful for your telephone support
  • Referrer – you can link the function to referrers such as instagram only
  • Revenue – differentiate between new customers you have not made revenue with before or very loyal customers (Make sure you transfer that data-variable to uptain)
  • uptain-query – link the function to other uptain features
  • Condition – add a custom condition
  • Customer Group – differentiate between your different customer groups such as new customers or B2B (Make sure you transfer that data-variable to uptain)
  • URL Parameter – link the function to different URL Parameters
  • Language – link the function to a different HTML languages (ISO-Codes only)

In total, 30 minutes have passed.

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