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Regaining of Lost Customers: Cart Abandonment in 3 Dimensions


Learn now:

How different your customers are

How different the purchasing motivation of your customers is

How a particular situation affects your customers during the shopping

How to respond appropriately to such factors

How to not only increase your sales but also customer satisfaction

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Shopping Cart Abandoners in 3 Dimensions

The loss due to online shopping cart abandonments is between 500 million and one billion euros throughout Germany. Around 70% of visitors of a website abandon the shopping cart without placing an order. However, online merchants do not have to simply accept this. In order to minimise shopping cart abandonment, tools are needed that analyse the individual shopping cart abandoners and win them back.


Multilayered Influences Require a Multidimensional View

A simple one-dimensional view towards shopping cart abandonment is far from sufficient at this point, as many different influences have an effect on a shopping cart abandonment. Rather, it requires a multi-dimensional view to analyse attitudes/motives, customer characteristics and, last but not least, the situational factor. Only when these factors are included in the analysis online merchants are able to successfully win back shopping cart abandoners.


3 Dimensions that influence Shopping Cart Abandonment



Attitudes or motives include all the reasons for cart abandonment that are obvious at first glance:

  • Faulty pages
  • Too long delivery times
  • Lack of trust
  • etc.


Customer Characteristics

The customer characteristics describe everything that makes up the individual customer. Every detail can have an influence on the cancellation of a purchase:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Online buying experience
  • etc.


Situational Factor

The situational factor characterises all influences that arise from the situation and have an impact to the cart abandonment:

  • Duration of the session
  • Time of day
  • Device
  • etc.


Analysing and Winning Back Shopping Cart Abandoners

In the e-book “Shopping Cart Abandoners in 3 Dimensions: Analyzed and Recovered” you will learn which attitudes/motives, customer characteristics and situational factors influence a cart abandonment. In addition, you will learn with the help of concrete examples what appropriate solutions look like and why the solutions have to be 3-dimensional.

Shopping Cart Abandoners in 3 Dimensions: analyzed and recovered

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