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Shopping Cart Abandonment: Offsite Optimization


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Which offsite possibilities exist for reducing shopping cart abandonments?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the individual solutions?

How the approaches are successfully implemented

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Abandoned Purchases – offsite

If an online shop decides to prevent shopping cart abandonment, it is addressing a customer group with a very high probability of buying. But be careful: hasty measures should be avoided. A well thought-out strategy that focuses on the individual customer and his or her needs has proven to be highly effective. There are easy-to-use technological solutions for this, without which such an approach would not be possible in times of e-commerce. The e-book “Minimize Abandoning, increase Revenue: Offsite Solutions” shows which tools can be used to guide abandoners back into the buying process outside of your own website.


Classic and Social Media Retargeting

Classic retargeting describes the marking of visitors of online shops and the repeated display of advertising banners on websites that the respective visitor visits after having abandoned a purchase. The visitor thus sees, for example, on the website of his email provider or his favourite news site, the advertisement of the online shop he was in before. Social media retargeting follows the same logic, except that the banners are played to the shopping cart abandoners in the social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


Email Retargeting

Email retargeting also aims to bring shopping cart abandoners back to the online shop and lead them to a successful sale. However, the way of winning them back differs in several ways. Here, there is no use of a large publisher network, but rather direct communication via email (one-to-one marketing). After the shopping cart abandonment, a personalised email is sent to the abandoner, helping to bring him back into the buying process. A well-functioning email retargeting for the recovery of shopping cart abandoners needs some preconditions:


  • Clear identification of the shop visitor and the reason for abandonment
  • System for automated sending of emails
  • Possibilities for individualising the content
  • Service-oriented approach (support instead of advertising)
  • Unobtrusive, proactive contact (timing of sending)


Use Offsite Solutions and Win Back Shopping Cart Abandoners

Learn in the e-book “Minimize Abandoning, increase Revenue: Offsite Solutions” how to use the various retargeting options to guide your shopping cart abandoners back into the purchase process after they have already abandoned the purchase.

Minimize abandoning, increase revenue: offsite

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