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Shopping Cart Abandonment: Onsite Optimization


Learn now:

What onsite opportunities exist for reducing shopping cart abandonments

How shopping cart abandonments can be prevented

How individual exit-intent popups can reduce shopping cart abandonments

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Shopping Cart Abandonments – Onsite

The annual loss due to online shopping cart abandonment in Germany is between 500 million and one billion euros. Since shopping cart abandonments often determine the success or failure of an online shop, online merchants use onsite and offsite solutions to minimise them. The e-book “Minimize Cart Abandonments, grow Revenue: Onsite Solutions” takes an a closer look at how to minimise cart abandonment in online shops.


Preventive Reduction of Shopping Cart Abandonment

The cornerstone to achieving a low abandonment rate is user experience design (UX design). A structure of an online shop which is intuitive and easy to understand through the UX design ideally corresponds to the expectations of the visitors. Intuition and expectations are not fixed patterns, however, but are subject to constant change. Optimisation with regard to UX must therefore be understood as a never-ending process.


  • Larger buttons on mobile devices
  • Product ratings (social proof)
  • Feedback when adding products to the shopping cart
  • Seals of approval
  • Fault tolerant search function
  • Avoidance of error pages
  • SSL encryption
  • Personalisation


Avoiding Shopping Cart Abandonments in the Final Moment

Individual exit-intent popups are required to motivate shoppers to complete a purchase just before they abandon. With their help, shop visitors are proactively encouraged to spend more time in the online shop, thus increasing the chance that they will make a successful purchase. Popups can differ in the following ways:


1. Content

A. Service

B. Exclusivity

C. Discount


2. Trigger

A. Mouse-Out

B. Time delay

C. Scroll


3. Communication Type

A. Language

B. Tonality


Use Onsite Solutions to Minimise Shopping Cart Abandonments

Learn in the e-book “Minimize Cart Abandonments, grow Revenue: Onsite Solutions” how to prevent a large number of cart abandonments with the help of exit-intent popups. Learn how to successfully reduce the abandonment rate through individual content, the right trigger and personalised communication.

Minimize cart abandonments, grow revenue: onsite

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