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Use High Selling Seasons & Build Sustainable Growth


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Using Times of High Turnover and Achieving Sustainable Growth

Visitors who have been made aware of your online shop by spending a lot of time and money are more than just potential buyers who make your business lucrative for a short time. In addition to the goal of increasing sales, a few other aspects should be taken into account in order to profit from events such as Black Friday, Christmas and Easter and to grow sustainably.


Missed Opportunities

What do online merchants think of when they hear the word “Christmas business”? Probably first of all sales, because a significant part of online revenue is generated in the last two months of the year. Unfortunately, a fixed focus on sales often leads online retailers to overlook the opportunities that these high-revenue times give them. If you want to profit maximally as an online merchant and grow sustainably, you should also take a look at the following points:


  • Most online shops experience a significant increase in traffic
  • Higher competition and advertising pressure increase advertising costs
  • Due to the many deals, the visitor ends up with only one click at the competitor’s site


Take Advantage of Opportunities

Take advantage of this by using the three levers to take profit from high-revenue times like Christmas and Easter:


  • Target conversion optimisation
  • Increase Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Acquiring new customers and building up existing customers


Emerge stronger from high-revenue times with uptain

In the e-book “Make Use of High Selling Seasons and build Sustainable Growth” you will learn how to use exit-intent popups, abandoned cart emails and newsletter popups not only to increase your revenue in the short term, but also to profit from such revenue peaks in the long term.

Make use of high selling seasons and build sustainable growth

You are in good company

More than 450 satisfied online merchants use uptain. Become part of it.

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