15% more loyal subscription customers for LOOTCHEST

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    About LOOTCHEST Gamer, Geek & Nerd Mysterybox: The slogan of LOOTCHEST sums it up. The surprise boxes with mugs, shirts and other fan articles from Star Wars to Minecraft are available for individual purchase or as a subscription. All nerd articles can also be found in the shop as individual products.
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    Challenge LOOTCHEST needed a way to give browsing nerds the final impulse to buy. The shop's subscription products enable a high customer lifetime value, but are more difficult to sell. That's why smart support is needed.
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    Approach LOOTCHEST offers both the possibility to buy boxes or individual merch once and to receive recurring boxes in a subscription model. The approach with uptain is to convert especially the latter more frequently and to specifically prevent purchase cancellations.
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    Results More subscription sales also increase the customer lifetime value for LOOTCHEST. This is because once a subscription customer has been acquired, they generate recurring monthly sales. 40% of the increase in turnover for LOOTCHEST is generated by unsubscribe emails, which bring customers back into the purchase process.

This is how LOOTCHEST benefits from uptain


With exit-intent pop-ups, shop visitors are given the final push to complete the purchase. Exit-intent pop-ups are particularly convincing for subscription products, where the decision period is usually longer than for single purchases.

The right decision-making tools

LOOTCHEST is a paradise for nerds. And the decision is correspondingly difficult. A T-shirt or a whole merch box? Try it out first or take out a subscription? Since the integration of uptain on lootchest.de, undecided people automatically get the final impulse to make a purchase decision. The content of the exit-intent pop-ups is based on the browser, user behaviour and other factors and is thus smartly adapted to individual needs.

Grand success with dropout emails

Dropout emails account for over 40% of the increase in sales generated by uptain on lootchest.de! Lost customers are particularly annoying for any online shop: they are about to buy, have already filled their shopping cart and started the checkout. At lootchest.de, they get the final push to buy with smart abandonment emails. This is how customers are brought back into the buying process every month and converted after all.

Double added value through customer lifetime value

LOOTCHEST offers nerdy T-shirts, surprise boxes and other products not only for individual purchase, but also in different subscription models. Completed subscription models mean a particularly high customer lifetime value and keeping these customers from abandoning a purchase is thus a great added value for the future. Subscription purchases make many online shoppers hesitate, so an impulse such as an individualised cancellation e-mail that awakens desire and communicates it optimally is worth its weight in gold.

The success story in a nutshell

What does the use of uptain cost you?

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