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OMR Reviews: uptain is among the top 7 conversion optimization tools

Based on user reviews, OMR Reviews has listed the top 7 conversion optimization tools. One of them is uptain. We are happy that our All-In-One tool for reducing shopping cart abandonment convinced you and OMR Reviews!

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    ecommerce optimisation
    Online Shop Optmisation: Use the Potential for Optimisation

    Approximately 70% of filled shopping carts are abandoned. This high abandonment rate means missed sales for online merchants and in many cases even dissatisfied customers who do not return. Don't miss out on this sales potential!

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    Performance Marketing
    Making success measurable with performance marketing

    Which advertising measures are really successful, when does a campaign generate sufficient traffic and which pop-up increases the conversion rate? Performance marketing supports you so that you can implement and optimise the right strategy in a goal-oriented way. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about…

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    Use the power of seals of approval for your online shop

    Customers' demands are increasing and online shops must first gain the trust of their target group. Seals of approval offer a solution. The trust elements can sustainably increase the conversion rate. Which seals of approval make sense and how do you use them correctly? These are the questions we address…

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    call to action
    5 tips for the Call-to-Action in your online shop

    The call-to-action gives the final impulse to perform an action you want. Whether buying a product or registering for the newsletter, you can place a call-to-action everywhere. Find out why a CTA is so important for your online shop and how you can use it strategically.

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    costs shopware
    What are the Shopware costs?

    If you are looking for an efficient online shop system, Shopware is one of the most popular solutions. Small as well as large retailers enjoy the many advantages of the free open source software or secure the benefits of one of the editions available for purchase. Find out what these…

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    costs woocommerce
    WooCommerce costs: This is what you need to calculate

    If you want to build an online shop, today you have a wide choice of shop systems. One of them is WooCommerce. The plugin for WordPress is characterized by its simplicity and versatility. In the basic version, which already brings many functions, WooCommerce is free. If you want more, WooCommerce…

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    customer satisfaction online shop
    Increase customer satisfaction in your online shop

    Satisfied customers are the foundation for any long-term successful business. That's why more and more online shops are focusing on increasing customer satisfaction. So gain a competitive edge and learn how to increase customer satisfaction.

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    pull marketing online shop
    Pull marketing - demand-oriented convincing of potential customers

    With the strategy of pull marketing, you offer your customers a solution to a specific problem at the right moment. Through the added value that prospects receive along the entire customer journey, they end up already buying a product with full conviction. How do you use pull marketing?

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    push marketing online shop
    6 strategies for your Push Marketing

    With these 6 strategies of Push Marketing, you consciously encourage your target group to buy a product. Push Marketing opens up different ways to do this, which we will present to you in more detail in this article.

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    conversion rate definition
    Conversion Rate Definition – what is the Conversion Rate?

    A user visits your online shop and makes a purchase. The interested user converts to a customer in this case. This influences your conversion rate. The first step of any optimization is to define your conversion rate. Find out how to define your conversion rate in this blog post.

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    breadcrumb navigation
    The breadcrumb navigation in online shops

    With breadcrumb navigation you have the possibility to make it easier for your visitors and customers to find their way through your online shop and thus increase the user experience. What breadcrumb navigation is, what advantages you have with it and how to use it correctly, you will learn in…