OMR Reviews: uptain is among the top 7 conversion optimization tools

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Author: Haydar Yuece // 6min

As an online merchante, you are faced with a difficult choice when it comes to conversion optimization. Depending on whether you want to increase your conversion rate with the help of A/B tests, digital advisors or the recovery of shopping cart abandoners, you have the choice between several conversion optimization tools.

OMR Reviews supports you in your decision making. Based on user reviews, OMR Reviews has listed the top 7 conversion optimization tools. One of them is uptain. We are happy that our All-In-One tool for reducing shopping cart abandonment convinced you and OMR Reviews!

OMR Reviews: Conversion Optimization Tools

A lot has happened in the e-commerce landscape since the dawn of mass-market online retailing in the 1990s. More and more consumers are buying online, which has now led to strong competition across all industries. In order to convince shoppers to visit their own online store and not leave them to the competition, more and more online stores are using specialized conversion optimization tools. These tools are used at different points of the customer journey to convert visitors into customers and are now available for online shops of any size as well as any shop system.

Rating portals like OMR Reviews give you a good overview of any existing tools. As a central source for user reviews around software and tools, OMR Reviews is used by numerous online merchants and agencies. uptain, as a tool to reduce shopping cart abandonment, is one of the top 7 conversion optimization tools listed by OMR Reviews! For this they say:

uptain is a conversion optimization tool that specializes in shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce. The goal of the tool is to prevent this. For this purpose, uptain provides its users with various features and functions to increase their conversion rate and reduce shopping cart abandonment. – OMR Reviews

Optimize conversion rate with uptain

Almost 70% of all already filled shopping carts in your online shop are abandoned. This is annoying, because shopping cart abandonments reduce the return on investment (ROI). To ensure that your marketing spend is not inefficient, you should optimize the conversion rate by reducing shopping cart abandonment. The best way to do this is with uptain.

Using anonymized data points from several hundred online shops, uptain is able to precisely capture the reasons for abandonment and play out the appropriate message to shopping cart abandoners at the right moment – without disrupting the shopping experience. In this way, Alpha Industries has increased orders by 10%.


Exit-Intent Popups with your own conditions

Help your customers complete the shopping process after all with Exit-Intent Popups. An Exit-Intent Popup appears shortly before the customer leaves your online shop and is individually tailored to the shopping cart abandoner. Your own conditions, such as a minimum shopping cart value at which a popup should appear, can be set up with just a few clicks.


Exit-Intent Popups with different incentives

Shopping cart abandonments have a wide variety of reasons, which is why the appropriate incentive for completing a purchase can also vary. So that you do not randomly play out coupons and possibly lose revenue, uptain also offers a service variant of the Exit-Intent Popups. This way, your message meets the individual needs of your customers.


Abandoned Cart Emails for shopping carts thought to be lost

You can’t prevent all shopping cart abandonments on your website. For this reason, the automatic sending of Abandoned Cart Emails after an abandonment has already occurred is the next step to optimize the conversion rate. The Abandoned Cart Emails can also be set up quickly with your own conditions and played out individually in different variants. The templates are best practices and clearly differentiate from advertising emails.


Newsletter Popups for more subscriptions

As an All-In-One tool for conversion rate optimization, uptain provides you with free Newsletter Popups to expand your recipient list and gain regular customers in the long term. Since every customer is unique and by far not everyone can be convinced with a voucher, the Newsletter Popups also appear in the FOMO variant.


Customized for your online shop

Whether font color, typeface or background color, all solutions are customized for your online shop and require no IT or design knowledge. Integration usually takes only 30 minutes, so you have more time for your daily business.


Transparent dashboard for your overview

uptain is not a black box. In the transparent real-time dashboard you will find an overview with all recoveries incl. order value, unique order number and time – accurate to the second!

Start winning back your shopping cart abandoners now

You don’t have to look far for new revenue levers, because shopping cart abandoners are already in your online shop and ready to buy. They just need to be convinced. The conversion optimization tool works on all shop systems and is ready to go in just 30 minutes.

  • uptain - Shopware Plugin of the Month

    We are Plugin of the Week at Shopware! It is a small award with all the greater happiness that we share with our partners and partner agencies. The thanks for this especially go to our customers who trust in us as the leading software for intelligent recovery of shopping cart abandonment in ecommerce.

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  • Alpha Industries increase Orders by 10%

    The company is looking for technical solutions that increase sales and establish the online shop stronger among the desired target group. The results: Growth of Newsletter Subscribers through Newsletter Popups by 20% compared to the normal Newsletter Form on the website, Increase in Orders by 10%, Increase in Newsletter Open Rate by 5%, Consistent overall image of the Corporate Identity.

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  • Easy Integration into any Shop System: First Steps with uptain

    You want to reduce shopping cart abandonment in your online shop by up to 30%? In just a few minutes, uptain is configurated and ready to go - without IT and design knowledge! Just follow the compact instructions to reduce the abandonment rate and also get valuable tips for our All-in-One Conversion Tool.

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