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newsletter popups
Author: Haydar Yuece // 8min

Newsletters are an effective and inexpensive way for companies to directly address target groups. The advantages are obvious: recipients can be easily segmented, the address can be personalised and a campaign can be easily scaled. The content can be designed flexibly and, for example, inform about new products, offers or discounts. So today they should occupy a central place in any holistic online marketing. But how do you generate quality newsletter subscribers? It’s simple: with newsletter popups! Learn how to use newsletter popups to fill the email list for your newsletter.

Use potentials correctly

To achieve a large reach with a newsletter, companies need an email list with recipients. The question is how to build such a list in a targeted way. This is where newsletter popups come into play, which we will look at in more detail below. Great potential, which, however, needs to be used correctly so that you can gain quality newsletter sign-ups with the help of popups.

What Are Newsletter Popups?

A popup is a dialogue window that appears on the website and invites visitors to take an action or informs them about something. A well-known example are the cookie popups that are common today, which, in the context of the GDPR, ask users to actively agree to cookie tracking or to reject it.

A newsletter popup aims to convince visitors to sign up to receive the newsletter with their email address via a registration form. The so-called leads are thus transferred to a list and from then on they regularly receive the newsletter in their inbox. Until they unsubscribe on their own. When a popup appears can be designed differently and depends on the trigger. Common triggers for popups are:


  • Scroll Trigger: The scroll trigger plays the popup when the visitor of a website scrolls to a previously defined point.
  • Time-Delay-Trigger: The Time-Delay-Trigger triggers the popup after a previously individually defined time.
  • Mouse-Out Trigger: The mouse-out trigger is the trigger for exit intent popups. It triggers the popup at the time when the visitor wants to leave the website.
  • Trigger by Engagement: The trigger by engagement displays popups based on an analysis of the user behaviour (duration of stay, scrolling behaviour, number of visited pages, etc.). The more interest there is in the content, the more probable the popup is to be shown.


In order for newsletter popups not to become a disruptive factor today, but to have added value for the visitor in terms of customer-centricity, a few important factors must be taken into account. Above all, the trigger is important in this respect. But first, let’s take a closer look at the advantages of newsletter popups.

Advantages Of Newsletter Popups

Newsletters continue to enjoy a high level of acceptance among customers: 37% of users say they were inspired by a newsletter before their last purchase and use it as an important source of information. 33% see newsletters as useful to weigh up offers. 15% even use the newsletter to complete the purchase.

newsletter popups

Integrating a newsletter sign-up form as a popup offers online retailers a promising way to draw attention to the newsletter that might not be found in other circumstances. Because the newsletter popup appears unexpectedly, it automatically draws attention. A popup also requires an active action by the user (clicking away or opting in), so interaction is certain as long as the user is not using an adblocker.

For a popup to convert, the presentation, content and timing must be aligned. This is the only way to achieve the goal of attracting quality newsletter subscribers. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that the dialogue boxes become a disruptive factor and visitors leave the page annoyed.

How Do You Embed Newsletter Popup?

One of the biggest challenges in designing and integrating newsletter sign-up forms is getting the visitor to interact. We are confronted with popups on almost every web page as we browse daily. Therefore, it is important that the newsletter popup generates attention on the one hand, but on the other hand does not disturb and offers added value. The popup must therefore:


  • provide benefits for the visitor
  • be appealing and target group oriented
  • appear at the right time


Newsletter Popups With Benefits

Newsletter popups can be combined with special incentives for the visitor. In this way, users receive a further incentive to sign up for the newsletter via the newsletter form. Some examples of such incentives can be:


  • Vouchers: Customers receive a “reward” for subscribing in the form of a voucher code.
  • Exclusivity With Memberships: Subscription to the newsletter can be linked to a membership that offers special benefits. An example would be early pre-sale access.
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing): The fear of missing out is a high motivation to sign up or register for something. For example, only newsletter subscribers receive the latest information on discount promotions.


Visual Design for Newsletter Registration Forms

The appearance of the newsletter popup should meet the demands of the target group, appear authentic via the corporate design and appeal to the emotions. Above all, visual elements offer the best chances for increased attention. As a rule, these are more effective because they can be grasped quickly and appeal to the emotions.

Text content should be kept short and concise. It is important that the visitor knows what to do and what to expect. Above all, the reference to free registration via the newsletter registration form creates trust. This should also be designed in such a way that only the most necessary data such as e-mail address and name are requested.

The link to the privacy policy is particularly important, because the acquisition of newsletter subscribers – whether with or without popups – must be designed in compliance with the GDPR. Don’t neglect mobile users. Valuable newsletter subscribers can also be acquired on mobile devices, who can subsequently be converted into customers.

In our blogpost Successful Newsletter Marketing and the GDPR in Harmony, we took a deeper look at this topic.

Right Timing For Newsletter Popups

Decisive for the success of a newsletter popup with a registration form is the right timing. As mentioned above, there are different trigger mechanisms for popups. To avoid popups being a nuisance, we recommend using either the mouse-out trigger or the trigger by engagement. In this way, you ensure that the visitor is not disturbed while shopping and eventually leaves the page.

To further avoid the annoyance factor, segmentation is important so that the newsletter popup is not displayed again to those visitors who have already signed up for the newsletter. This can quickly lead to annoyance.

Intelligent popup tools for more efficiency

Intelligent popup tools are an effective solution for targeting newsletter subscribers at the right time and increasing the conversion rate. Our conversion tool works with an algorithm that recognises, for example, when visitors are undecided or not yet ready to buy.

Customer needs are determined through intelligent data processing. The tool then plays out situationally appropriate incentives in combination with the newsletter form. Depending on the situation, the newsletter popup tool differentiates whether it uses a discount code or the Fear of Missing Out effect, for example.

With the integration of uptain, all design requirements, the optimisation for the mobile version and the GDPR conformity with a double opt-in procedure are already guaranteed.

Newsletter Popups Work Well!

Our experience and the feedback from customers show that more newsletter subscribers can be gained with the help of newsletter popups. In doing so, one should provide the customer with an advantage, take the design into account and, above all, find the right time. An intelligent software like the one at uptain supports online merchants in these steps and takes away the extra work, so that everyone can benefit from the advantages of the newsletter popup.

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