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seal of approval
Author: Harald Neuner // 9min

Trust is the basic prerequisite for customers and interested parties to shop in an online shop with a good feeling. Building trust is very important today and online merchants are faced with the challenge of effectively presenting their trustworthiness. A solution for this is provided by seals of approval, which customers can immediately use as a guide when entering an online shop. At the same time, seals of approval have the potential to sustainably increase the conversion rate, which is why they have a firm place in conversion rate optimisation.

When implementing seals of approval, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account, because not every certificate conveys the same level of trustworthiness. Furthermore, the visual presentation and the strategic use of the seals of approval also play a decisive role. In this article, we have dedicated ourselves to the power of cachets and show you how to use the trust elements and which ones you can use for your shop.

What are seals of approval?

Seals of approval are generally labels presented graphically or in writing that show information about the quality or grade of a product – for example, the compliance with certain safety requirements or environmental criteria. The goal of a seal of approval, whether in stationary or digital commerce, is always the same: Seals of approval should point consumers to a positive quality feature and highlight that it is a trustworthy offer and a trustworthy supplier. In relation to an online shop, seals of approval should indicate that customers can make a purchase safely. Well-known seals of approval enjoy a high level of acceptance among consumers.

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Which seals of approval are used for online shops?

When introducing seals of approval, the selection of the appropriate certificates is very important. Not every seal of approval has the same effect and thus creates trust. The “Network for the Digital Society” has standardised four seals of approval that are most well-known in Germany today and thus well received by customers. If only one of these common seals of approval is placed in your online shop, it already increases your perception as a reputable online shop.

Seals of approval

Trusted Shops seal of approval

Probably the best-known seal of approval in german e-commerce is the Trusted Shops seal of approval, which enjoys a particularly high reputation among customers. According to Trusted Shops itself, 67% of all online shoppers in Germany know the seal of approval. The certificate shows the customer that a purchase in an online shop is secure and offers further services such as buyer protection, a money-back guarantee and a rating portal.

Merchants, numerous online services and travel agencies are awarded. The seal of approval can be renewed once a year. For this purpose, the online shop is inspected on the basis of comprehensive quality criteria and visited on site. In addition, regular test purchases and follow-up checks are carried out in case of customer complaints. An online merchant has a maximum of 10 days to react to a defect found by Trusted Shops and to remedy it. If he fails to do so, not only will the seal of approval be withdrawn, but he will also be reported to the consumer protection authorities.

How do I get the Trusted Shop seal of approval? As a shop operator, you can purchase the seal of approval and then have it qualified. There are three variants: Trusted Shop Start for € 119 per month, Trusted Shop Pro for € 189 per month and Trusted Shop Premium for € 319 per month. The models differ in their scope of services, such as a Google integration of star ratings, the possibility of specific product ratings or legal support.

S@fer Shopping seal of approval

The s@fer-shopping seal of approval has been awarded by TÜV SÜD since 2001 and is aimed for online shops operating in the retail, insurance and travel sectors. Users are audited once a year. For this purpose, in addition to an online check and an assessment of the security requirements, an on-site visit is also carried out. Furthermore, the provider carries out unannounced test purchases. If the guidelines are not followed, the online shop’s seal of approval will be withdrawn. The assessments and quality criteria are particularly strict at s@fer-shopping.

How does one get the s@fer-shopping seal of approval? The seal of approval can be applied for on request on the TÜV website.

EHI seal of approval „Tested Online-Shop“

The EHI trade institute is launching the “Tested Online Shop” seal of approval and is focusing not only on the security of an online purchase but also on consumer friendliness. In addition to online services, health applications can also be certified. An audit is also carried out once a year.

Around 200 individual criteria are comprehensively tested for this seal of approval. These include data protection and accessibility. Test purchases and unannounced checks supplement the inspections. The seal of approval is withdrawn in case of deficiencies and violations. Particularly practical: online shops receive a free legal check with the seal of approval, such as the cancellation policy or the imprint.

How does one get the seal of approval “Tested Online Shop” from EHI? The price model of the seal of approval is based on annual revenue and is staggered. Companies with an annual turnover of up to 100,000 € pay around 828 € per month, up to 250,000 € 1,068.00 € and so on. The entire price list can be found on the EHI website. In addition, special services such as a quick check can be booked.

ips seal of approval

“internet privacy standards” – this is what the ips seal of approval of datenschutz cert GmbH stands for. In its testing procedures, it focuses on data protection in online shops and health applications. Recertification takes place once a year. The main focus is on data protection and consumer law. The strict audit also includes an on-site visit. In case of violation, the seal of approval is withdrawn.

How do I get the ips seal of approval? All prices can be requested on the website of datenschutz cert.

Why are seals of approval so important?

Seals of approval create trust. Recently, customers attach great importance to the presence of visual certificates that guarantee them a safe purchase. Above all, the increasing number of Internet crimes ensures that consumers specifically look for seals of approval in an online shop. New customers in particular can be picked up in this way on their first visit to a website. Likewise, still unknown and small online shops benefit from seals of approval, which make a significant contribution to building trust and image with the certificates.

Further advantages of seals of approval:

  • positive influence on the purchase decision
  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • low attack surface for warnings
  • Competitive advantages over competitors without a seal of approval
  • Revealing of optimisation potentials through the audits
  • Ongoing improvement of service quality possible

How to use seals of approval in your online shop

In addition to the importance of seals of approval, there is also the question of how to use them specifically in your online shop. First of all, you have to decide which seals of approval you want to implement. On the one hand, customer preferences should be taken into account. On the other hand, costs and the requirements of the respective seals of approval also play a role. Always bear in mind that you have to meet the quality criteria. If you cannot meet them and the seal of approval is withdrawn, this can have a negative effect and you will lose the trust of your customers.

As a rule, you should rely on well-known seals of approval. These include the ones described above. If you are considering unknown certificates, explain the advantages to your customers briefly and concisely and place links to the websites in a suitable place. Of course, you can do the same with common seals of approval and point the consumer to the buyer protection at Trusted Shops, for example.

Older target groups attach importance to recognisable seals of approval such as TÜV Süd and the like, while younger customers like to give customer reviews. In this case, you can also use rating systems such as Ekomi.

Once you have decided on one or more seals of approval, it is undoubtedly important to place them correctly. We recommend that you consider the following:

  • Check the specifications of the seal provider regarding integration.
  • Only place valid certificates online.
  • Make sure that the link to the provider is correct.
  • Place the seal of approval several times on the homepage for high visibility. Ideally at the top and bottom right.
  • Supplement the visual seal of approval with further references to the qualities such as buyer protection.
  • Include the seal of approval in the checkout to positively reinforce the purchase and reaffirm trust.

Use the power of seals of approval

Seals of approval have a whole range of advantages that can help you as an online merchant to gain the trust of your target group. Seals of approval are becoming more and more prevalent in ecommerce and have established new standards that you will hardly be able to avoid in the future in order to prevail over competitors. Trust elements are a part of conversion rate optimisation and show that you deal responsibly and actively with the topics of data protection, security, quality and customer satisfaction.

With seals of approval, you convince new customers much faster and strengthen the trust of existing customers for long-term customer loyalty. Due to the ever-increasing demands of consumers, you should definitely think about integrating seals of approval in order to position yourself as a trustworthy provider in the future.

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