Customer Reviews for Online Shops

customer reviews online shop
Author: Haydar Yuece // 8min

Customer reviews in your online shop increase the trust of customers and are one of the most important factors for deciding whether to buy or not. In addition to proactive customer service and incentives, positive reviews are becoming increasingly important for the success of an online shop. The question is: How do shops get positive reviews and how do you deal with negative reviews?

Why customer reviews are important for online shops

Customer reviews are not to be underestimated: In a survey of online shoppers, more than half of the respondents say they use customer reviews as a decision-making aid before making a purchase. Among 16 to 29-year-olds, the figure is a full 66%.

customer reviews online shop

The power of customer reviews is further underlined by the fact that they are even given more credence than personal recommendations from friends and acquaintances.


Customer reviews in online shops have a lot of advantages:

  • Customer reviews help customers find their way around.
  • They create trust in the brand and the products.
  • Reviews increase the chance of a purchase.
  • The opinion of other customers is more credible.
  • Feedback helps online shops to recognise potential for improvement.
  • They increase visibility in search engines.
  • Supports the development of loyal regular customers and the acquisition of new customers.

5 Tips for Positive Online Customer Reviews

The good news is that satisfied customers write reviews more often than dissatisfied customers. One of the main reasons is that they want to use the review to help other users choose a product. The second most common motive for customer reviews is the expression of their own satisfaction. These facts offer companies the chance to collect positive online customer reviews with suitable measures and thus to increase their reputation in the long term.In the following, we have summarised some tips that can help you.

Tip 1: Focus on customer service

The customer service is one of the most important criteria for a customer rating. This already starts with entering a website, continues with personal contact with service staff and ends with delivery.

  • Provide customers with access to a personal contact person on various channels. Particularly effective: live shopping consultations.
  • Embed service during online shopping, such as with helpful Exit-Intent Popups from uptain, which offer telephone and e-mail services, chats and WhatsApp in addition to vouchers.
  • Ensure free delivery and uncomplicated returns.

How to use Exit-Intent Popups in your Online Shop.

Tip 2: Make sure of product quality

In addition to the service offered, the quality of the products also plays a decisive role for customer ratings. Make sure that this is always consistently high. In addition, clear product descriptions, helpful information and pictures make it easier for customers to get an informed picture of the product quality.

  • Take customer reviews regarding poor quality seriously and check the product comprehensively.
  • Offer the customer a replacement or a discount for the next purchase as compensation.
  • If necessary, look for alternative raw materials, production sites, etc.

Tip 3: Pay attention to customer reviews in the online shop

In a survey on the topic of customer reviews for online shops, 60% of respondents said they felt their customer review did not receive any or enough attention from the company. Those who write a review take their time. The online shop should take the same time for customer reviews. This is especially essential for negative reviews.

  • Respond promptly (within 24 hours).
  • Thank customers for their feedback.
  • Answer questions.
  • Apologise for a negative customer review that is justified and assure that the error will be corrected quickly.
  • Offer compensation (even for unjustified bad reviews).

Tip 4: Actively ask for reviews

If an online shop wants to increase its customer reviews, one way to do this is to actively ask customers for them. A popular option for this is to ask for them via email after the purchase. It takes 20 to 50 reviews to really increase the trust of potential customers. The motto here is: the more, the better! In addition to written feedback, visual ratings such as awarding stars are usually favoured by customers.

  • Create opportunities for different rating methods.
  • Keep the customer review simple and ask for little personal data.
  • Provide incentives for an online customer review, such as vouchers or participation in a raffle.

Tip 5: Derive action from customer reviews

Customers don’t give a review for no reason. They reflect their experience with a product. This gives companies a great opportunity to use them to identify potential and optimise the product range, the services or the customer journey accordingly.

  • Evaluate and continuously analyse customer ratings.
  • Derive appropriate measures.
  • Implement them and let customers know about them.

Negative customer reviews as an opportunity

Online shops are often afraid of negative reviews. However, as long as they do not dominate the overall picture of customer reviews, they are actually beneficial. Not only do they ensure that you as a company recognise possible improvements, but they also increase trust in the reviews themselves. Although your customers pay great attention to the reviews, they are equally critical of their authenticity. A negative feedback now and then is therefore even beneficial and increases the credibility of all reviews.

What is important, as already described, is the appropriate reaction to it. The wording should be appropriately personal, professional and adapted to the tone of the company. It is always important to remember: anyone can read the response.

Customer reviews on rating portals

Rating portals are almost indispensable for online shops today. These are special websites that collect customer reviews of products, services, but also employers and make them available to the public.

Customer reviews are displayed in text form or a star ranking on the provider’s website. The advantage is that entries are checked and can be retrieved centrally. The consumer has the opportunity to get a holistic picture of a shop. Trust in well-known rating portals, such as eKomi or Trusted Shop, is high. Furthermore, the seals can be integrated on one’s own website.

At the same time, customer reviews in rating portals can influence search engine rankings. Trusted Shops, for example, is even a direct partner of Google and thus reviews are directly displayed in the search results. For this reason, it is recommended to position oneself on several rating portals so that different rating pages are listed for corresponding search queries.

There are more than 400 of these portals in Germany. Among the best known are:

customer reviews rating portals e commerce

The other side of the coin is that customer reviews are rarely objective, but mostly subjective. Many individual and personal factors as well as emotions flow into the rating. This can eat away at the holistic picture.

Before an online shop presents itself on a rating portal, quality and performance must be ensured first. A well thought-out strategy ensures the right use of such tools and can thus sustainably ensure more trust and credibility and thus more sales.

Customer reviews create trust

Customer reviews are a central instrument of image building. A strategically well thought-out reputation management should be part of every company that presents itself on the internet. Dealing professionally with customer reviews, whether positive or negative, is just as important as a smart presence in the well-known review portals. Used correctly, customer reviews bring online shops a lot of advantages. Provided that their own basics, such as quality and performance, are right.

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