myRobotcenter increases Conversion Rate by +21%

Success Story: MyRobotCENTER increases Conversion Rate by 21 %
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    myRobotcenter myRobotcenter is an internationally operating, multilingual online store with a focus on domestic and entertainment robots.
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    Challenge The company was looking for an onsite tool that would increase the conversion rate across all countries without annoying visitors. The more than 400,000 monthly sessions were to be used optimally.
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    Approach Exit Intent Popups that allow effective targeting of each individual user across country borders with the help of uptain® ALGORITHMUS, taking into account country-specific data.
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    Results 21% conversion rate increase, 15% reduction in advertising costs, consistently positive customer feedback, onsite optimisation without annoying the customers

About myRobotcenter

myRobotcenter is the specialist for domestic and entertainment robots. The company’s declared goal: to noticeably improve people’s quality of life through robots. With a multilingual online store and activity in numerous European countries, myRobotcenter is establishing itself as an international retailer with an above-average range in the field of consumer robotics.

Christian Sommer Portraitfoto
Christian Sommer
We had been looking for a solution to effectively use our existing traffic for a long time. Until we got to know uptain at a trade conference, we didn’t dare use popups – for fear of annoying our customers. After a smooth integration and configuration, we recorded significant success after a short time.
Managing Director
myRobotcenter GmbH
Christian Sommer Portraitfoto
Managing Director
myRobotcenter GmbH
Christian Sommer
We had been looking for a solution to effectively use our existing traffic for a long time. Until we got to know uptain at a trade conference, we didn’t dare use popups – for fear of annoying our customers. After a smooth integration and configuration, we recorded significant success after a short time.


As one of the largest European online stores for domestic and entertainment robots, myRobotcenter receives more than 400,000 sessions per month. Good conditions, therefore, to use the traffic on the website more efficiently through onsite optimisations.

After implementing some quick wins, such as express checkout with Amazon and Paypal, the potential of the existing traffic still remained very high.

Great interest was shown in uptain’s approach to reduce the annoyance factor and still successfully win back shopping cart abandoners.

International companies are associated with some peculiarities. For example, country specifics regarding language, currency and data sources have to be taken into account. For myRobotcenter, this means:


  • Activity in several European countries: DE, AT, CH, UK, FR, rest of EU.
  • Multilingual store: German, English, French
  • Different currencies: €, CHF, £
  • Optimize desktop + mobile

“Thanks to uptain, we were able to sustainably increase our conversion rate by 21%, while our advertising costs dropped by 15%. The customer-centered service popups reduce shopping cart abandonment without annoying our customers. The consistently positive feedback confirms this. Meanwhile, uptain is an elementary part of our conversion optimisation.”

– Christian Sommer, Managing Director myRobotcenter


myRobotcenter chose uptain because of its unobtrusive approach to contacting the online shopper. In this way, the online store makes sure not to annoy the customer in his shopping experience.


1. Using exit intent popups

In order to make better use of the high traffic for onsite conversion optimisation, myRobotcenter uses exit intent popups from uptain, which are personalised for all devices. These popups overcome one-way communication forms and create interactions between online store and users.


2. Optimised targeting by controlling the uptain® ALGORITHM

Targeting is much more complex for international companies, as data and data sources differ greatly from country to country. Taking country-specific data into account, the uptain® ALGORITHM allows effective targeting of each individual user across national borders.


3. Incentivization with vouchers and service

With the help of intelligent segmentation, customer needs are exactly identified. Depending on what information and incentives the shopping cart abandoners need to win them back, they receive personalised voucher or service popups.


4. Configuration of languages and currencies

The uptain® ALGORITHM automatically considers the languages and currencies of the respective countries in the personalised exit intent popups. Thus, every user is addressed in the correct language and the correct currency is displayed.


5. Annoyance factor reduction

The demand not to annoy online shoppers is achieved by uptain through relevant content, optimised timing and individually customized communication. Thus, uptain actively helps to sustainably strengthen the relation between myRobotcenter and its customers.

Sounds cool? Get even better results!


With uptain, myRobotcenter decides on a solution that reduces shopping cart abandonment across countries and devices. The algorithm behind it identifies the needs of each individual shopping cart abandoner and then offers individual solutions with the help of exit intent popups. The results speak for themselves:

MyRobotCenter Onlineshop reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment
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