10x Return on Investment achieved by the 11FREUNDE store with uptain

Success Story: 11FREUNDE Shop
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    11FREUNDE The 11FREUNDE store is a football fanshop across all clubs and presents some different fan articles.
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    Challenge Against the background of the World Cup 2018, the 11FREUNDE store was looking for opportunities to convert the increasing traffic in the best possible way as well as to strengthen customer loyalty.
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    Approach Exit intent popups for both desktop and mobile devices prevent shopping cart abandonment across all devices. Abandoned cart emails bring shopping cart abandoners back into the purchase process.
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    Results 10x Return on Investment, 10k additional revenue in €, 39% Mobile Conversion, 17% Desktop Conversion, 35% Regain Ratio for Abandoned cart emails

About the 11FREUNDE store

The 11FREUNDE store is the football fanshop of the popular magazine of the same name and presents the somewhat different fan articles. Imaginative, witty and aesthetic – well over 2,000 soccer and also a few other sports articles are offered there. The vast majority of them are exclusively available there and are excellent gift ideas, such as the retro football tricots.

“The 2018 World Cup was both a challenge and an opportunity for us. We knew that our traffic would increase and started looking for tools that would help us strengthen our performance. With uptain, we finally found a strong conversion tool that greatly reduced our abandonment rate. The results speak for themselves.”

– Matthias Benesch


In summer 2018, the Football World Cup was just around the corner. As the world’s most popular spectator sport, football enjoys a lot of attention, especially during times of major international tournaments. For the 11Freunde store, it meant an increasing demand for a wide variety of fan articles.

Just in time for the 2018 World Cup, uptain has created a concept to take maximum advantage of the increased traffic and win back the shopping cart abandoners as well as generate more long-term existing customers.


As mentioned, against the background of the 2018 World Cup, we created a concept to win back shopping cart abandoners together with the 11FREUNDE store.


1. Exit intent popups for desktop devices.

The exit intent popups, individually customized for the shopping cart abandoner, appear shortly before the user cancels the purchase.

In the service variant, an exit intent popup is displayed, which offers the shopping cart abandoner help in the form of email, Whatsapp or phone service, so that he or she can continue shopping without any problems. Ordering a product in this store sometimes requires pre-selections, which complicate the customer journey. Many potential customers would like to complete their purchase, but can’t do it without help.

Also in use: the voucher variant of the exit intent popups, which exclusively convinces price-sensitive shopping cart abandoners to make a purchase with an 11% discount.


2. Exit intent popups for mobile devices

Considering the increasing popularity of mobile shopping, the 11FREUNDE store also implements exit intent popups for mobile devices. This also significantly reduces mobile shopping cart abandonment.

In the voucher variant, the exit intent popup appears with an 11% voucher code and the condition of a minimum shopping cart value, which each online shop can set up individually. This voucher code is not displayed to all shopping cart abandoners, but only to those who are in the checkout process and want to leave the online shop for price-sensitive reasons. In this way, uptain guarantees that only customers who would not have converted without a voucher receive one.

Also in use: the service variant of mobile exit intent popups, which offers active help in case of questions and problems to shopping cart abandoners in need of service.


3. Abandoned cart emails

In order to convince as many customers as possible to make a purchase, the 11FREUNDE store also uses abandoned cart emails. In contrast to exit intent popups, these are used after a purchase has already been cancelled.

An email is sent to the shopping cart abandoner at the most appropriate time. On the one hand, this reminds them of their shopping cart and, on the other, offers them help with possible problems. Depending on the reason for abandonment, this is an unobtrusive contact that offers either a voucher or individual service. The customer can simply return to the online shop via the link provided in the email and continue shopping.

Sounds cool? Get even better results!


With only a small budget and little (time) effort, the 11FREUNDE store, together with uptain and a targeted strategy, was able to use the best time to start the integration to win back the shopping cart abandoners and thus generate new customers and convert them into regular customers.

By using the three different solutions desktop exit intent popups, mobile exit intent popups as well as abandoned cart emails, sales were increased and costs were recovered tenfold.


  • Qualitative Score: Automated emails and popups helped customers. As a result, less workload for customer support or time for complex requests.
  • New to existing customers: Existing customers are created that bring a lot of value over lifetime.
  • Efficient service: Automated abandoned cart emails and exit intent popups help customers with problems and guide them to successful checkout.
  • Growth of existing customers: By focusing on service, customers feel comfortable with the online shop and gladly return to make further orders.
11FREUNDE Onlineshop reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment
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