FEYDOM increases Conversion Rate by +25% with uptain

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  • FEYDOM FEYDOM produces modular sofa systems in the mid-price segment. For its design, FEYDOM has received numerous international awards. The sofas are mainly marketed online in Germany.
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    Challenge Compared to other products, the traffic for suppliers of high-priced sofas is rather low. For this reason, visitors should be optimally supported in the buying process and ideally be motivated to make a purchase.
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    Approach Proactive and service-oriented contacting of shopping cart abandoners, which is seamlessly integrated into the customer service. An algorithm-controlled individual customer approach supports the online shop in professional customer communication.
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    Results 25% Conversion Rate increase since uptain, 40% Conversion Rate for Abandoned Cart Emails, 15% Conversion Rate for Exit-Intent Popups, Shopping Cart Recovery and won back Cart Abandoners


The beginnings of FEYDOM are rooted in the experiences of the two founders: their living room is at the same time a workplace, a playroom for the children as well as the place where guests are received – a constellation that probably applies to many families. However, adaptable furniture with affordable prices and appealing designs was hard to find.

With FEYDOM, the founders closed this gap. FEYDOM sofas are characterised by their modularity and design, for which they have already won several international awards. The sofas, which are produced in Europe, are now available all over the world.

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Charlotte Wucherpfennig
In our online shop, we offer modular sofas in the higher-priced segment. Sofas are not products that consumers buy frequently. Several people are usually involved in the purchase decision and the process leading up to the purchase usually takes several weeks. The number of visitors on the website can thus hardly be compared to other sectors. It is all the more important for us to support visitors in their decision-making process and to convince them of our products.
Managing Partner
FEYDOM Deutschland GmbH
erfolgsgeschichte möbel sofa
Managing Partner
FEYDOM Deutschland GmbH
Charlotte Wucherpfennig
In our online shop, we offer modular sofas in the higher-priced segment. Sofas are not products that consumers buy frequently. Several people are usually involved in the purchase decision and the process leading up to the purchase usually takes several weeks. The number of visitors on the website can thus hardly be compared to other sectors. It is all the more important for us to support visitors in their decision-making process and to convince them of our products.


Sofas are comparatively pricey products. FEYDOM cannot count on the traffic that, for example, online shops in the fashion industry receive. The shopping cart also often remains empty compared to other industries. On the other hand, the existing visitors have a high purchase intention, which is important to maintain and strengthen. FEYDOM’s main focus is therefore on convincing the existing visitors of their own products in the best possible way.

With detailed product descriptions, attractive product images and even product videos, a good part of the persuasion work has already been done. A FAQ page and an integrated blog convince visitors by answering questions and providing further relevant information.

Nevertheless, the online shop had some abandoned purchases – even if comparatively less. Since every abandoned order means that a certain amount of revenue is not generated, FEYDOM also wants to win back the abandoned customers. What is still missing is a proactive communication that allows FEYDOM to approach the shopping cart abandoners in a targeted way.

Possible solutions should be transparent and traceable, as each individual purchase has a significant value because of the higher-priced products.


  • Comparatively little traffic due to the industry
  • High purchase intention of visitors
  • Focus on convincing visitor
  • Looking for tools that proactively convince shopping cart abandoners
  • Condition: Transparency and traceability

In our industry, content and customer service take on a special significance. With our blog and FAQ pages, we have taken additional measures to accompany our customers in the buying process. Although we have few dropouts compared to other industries, we miss out on a relatively large amount of revenue with every single abandonment. So what we still missed was proactive communication with abandoners to convince them to buy after all.

– Charlotte Wucherpfennig, Managing Partner FEYDOM Deutschland GmbH 


In order to make the best use of the existing traffic, the goal is to win back the shopping cart abandoners. These are visitors who are at an extremely critical moment in the buying process and can be quickly convinced with the right approach. With uptain, FEYDOM chooses an intelligent tool that specialises in winning back shopping cart abandoners. Exit-intent popups and abandoned cart emails allow for proactive contact based on the individual needs of each cart abandoner.


1. Customer service add-on

Customer service is a key factor when it comes to higher priced products. Potential customers take longer to make a decision and want detailed information about products, shipping and payment. After all, the sofa should fit into the room, be comfortable, look great and, most importantly, be worth the money.

With the exit-intent popups and abandoned cart emails from uptain, FEYDOM proactively approaches those cart abandoners who are obviously in need of service. The service offer is seamlessly integrated into the customer service. The service offer only appears when the customer service is actually available. The names of the service staff are also displayed to establish a personal level of communication and thus build trust – a game changer for high-priced products.


2. Targeted voucher marketing

Vouchers are known to be one of the strongest incentives for a purchase. However, randomly offered vouchers lead to missed revenues. After all, vouchers could also be offered to those visitors who would have completed the purchase even without such an offer.

Thus, voucher marketing reaches its maximum benefit when it focuses on price-sensitive shopping cart abandoners. The uptain® ALGORITHM recognises when a visitor abandons the shopping cart due to price sensitivity. FEYDOM decides to offer a voucher of between 10 and 15 %. In addition, only those abandoners who have a predefined shopping cart value in the four-digit range receive vouchers.


3. Transparency in the backend

Transparency and traceability are important to FEYDOM. With the commission model, FEYDOM only pays for actual additional sales through the recovery of shopping cart abandoners with uptain. Cancellations, returns, discounts and shipping costs are not commissioned.

In order to make the recoveries traceable, uptain provides each individual recovery with the corresponding order numbers of the online shop. Thus, the recoveries can be viewed at any time in the backend, so that maximum transparency is provided. FEYDOM also uses parallel tracking with Google Analytics so that all marketing measures can be centrally compared and optimised: whether SEA, SEO, social media or uptain.


4. Individual customer approach

The diversity of online shoppers obsoletes a rigid customer approach. In contrast to online shops with niche target groups, people with different socio-demographic characteristics shop at FEYDOM. Customers want to be addressed individually and the customer’s preferred approach ultimately ensures a pleasant shopping experience.

FEYDOM therefore commits to allowing the uptain® ALGORITHM to decide which tone of voice to use when communicating with shopping cart abandoners. Using intelligent data processing, the software recognises the relevant customer characteristics. Then, depending on preference, a factual, cordial, serious or hip tonality is selected. FEYDOM thus benefits from the anonymised data set of several hundred online shops.

Sounds cool? Get even better results!


Despite the industry-specific low visitor flow, FEYDOM manages with the help of uptain to successfully win back shopping cart abandoners and increase sales. By proactively contacting customers at the most critical moment of the purchase, the online shop makes the best possible use of the existing traffic and thus makes its customers more satisfied.

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